Thursday, June 17, 2010

I see you......

"I don't like to take my Adderall " one of my loveable thugs said to me yesterday morning before class began, he was responding to my asking him how he was feeling.

" I don't like taking it at all. It makes me feel invisible" he said.

"Invisible?" I asked

"Yeah, I come home from school and there is nothing left of me. I don't talk. I don't feel. I am invisible". He explained.
"Why don't you try doing something that you love when you get home from here?" I asked.

"I was a good hockey player, a real good one. I was a freshman on the varsity team. Then my grades began to slip and I started smokin weed and then I didn't care anymore." the invisible man was spilling his guts.

"What about your artwork? I ask
"I've seen your drawings" I said "you are very talented."
"Yeah, I guess I am pretty good" he replied. "When I draw, I forget about everything else."
"I'm gonna get my ass kicked over five bucks" He told me.
"I made up a tattoo for someone and charged them five bucks. They paid me and then said they didn't like what I drew".

"So now this girl's sister's boyfriend is going to kick my ass." He seemed more angry than scared when he said this.

"Do you need five bucks to pay him back?" I ask.

"No" he answered "I got 5 bucks and I gave it back."

"Good" I said.

"What kind of tattoo was it" I asked.

"It was a tribute tattoo. I drew a heart and then In Memory Of and I put her dad's name in it. The tattoo was going to be tribute to her dad. He's dead, ya know...lots of people have those kinds of tattoos." he told me.

Then he continued "she wanted this tattoo to show how much she loved him and then she couldn't even remember the date of his death".

"That's pretty bad" I comment "a tribute tattoo and she can't even remember the date of the person she is permanently honoring, using needles and ink and suffering all kinds of pain for something that will mark her body till the end of

"Yeah, that's what I thought too, and when I said it it pissed her off and then she went bitchin to this Dave guy who told her that my tattoo sucked and since Dave runs his own clique they all listen to every thing he has to say no matter how stupid, then she had Dave call my girl's mom, and you know? I'm really tight with my girl's family and Dave calls there cause he wants the five bucks back and starts all kinds of shit. I think my dad's gonna kick Dave's ass, he's 18 so it's not like my dad's gonna kick some kid's ass."

"Hey, do you have anything to drink in here? " he askes changing courses suddenly "I don't have much of an appetite when I take this medicine, but I need to drink stuff, the Adderall makes my mouth dry" he said.

I made him up a big glass of chocolate milk to go.

"You'd better get going to class"  I tell him. "you're a half hour late"

"Thank you for listening to me" he said, then walked out the small kitchen door toward class.

Ohhhhh-boy....I thought to myself, and it's only 9am.

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