Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a difference a day makes....

This past Thursday my doctor did his annual look see into my colon. It's an incredibly embarrassing thing to have to talk to a man who sticks crap up your butt and fiddles with your hemorrhoids.

Too up close and personal for my taste.

At work a couple of us had a good laugh at my expense... my co-workers saying things like "I know why a man might want to be a gynecologist.....but who in their right mind would want to look at hairy asses and bulging, pulsating hemorrhoids all day long"...yeah, I wondered, who?

The day before the procedure I was instructed to follow a clear liquid diet.

The morning found me pouting and feeling pretty sorry for myself when I had to skip the creamer and have my coffee black.


The sickly sweet lime Jello and bland chicken broth I was eating to sustain myself had gotten real old by my lunch hour. And I was beyond miserable when the time came to start drinking the salty thick liquid that in minutes I knew would be careening through my innards and demanding to leave just as quickly.

I ended up using my Lamaze breathing to get the last bit of that salt pork syrup down by telling myself over and over again....tomorrow, by this time tomorrow, it will all be over.

Tomorrow tomorrow I luv ya're always a day away.

Friday morning with all that behind me I was enjoying a cup of coffee (with milk :-) when the phone rang. It was Trouble (Googie's boyfriend). He hemmed and hawed a bit and finally blurted out that he needed my help in getting him some time alone with Googie's dad. He needed to talk with him about something important.

"Do you know where I'm goin with this? " he boldly asked.

"Why yes, I think I do" I answered.

Daddio was certain to give his blessing and I knew Googie would answer yes.

"When are you gonna do this" I asked.

"Tomorrow night" he said.

"Tomorrow? " I repeated.

It's hard to believe that this day is really here.

Trouble is a really awesome guy and we couldn't be happier.

I'm soooo excited for her....(even if I was secretly hoping that she may want to be one of those old maid types and live with me forever).

By this time tomorrow her getting married will no longer be an "off in the distant future" kinda thing.

Tomorrow..... tomorrow!!!!

Come what may.  :-)


  1. Dear Koby: I am so happy for your lovely couple.. They are so suited to each other...I remember when you told me you were getting married and my heart stopped. I prayed that you would pick a great guy, be happy and have wonderful kids..for me to did it, you married a great guy and your kids are more than wonderful...Lucky mom

  2. Awwww are a true joy.

  3. They look so bright and happy. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger's Social Tea Party.

    P.S.: Anyone who can go through that colon mess is brave in my book.

  4. I, also, couldn't be happier. Enough said. :0)

  5. Lauren, thanks for the visit and I hope you stop back by. (I love the Tea Parties!!).

  6. Oh yeah lil is going to be an interesting (fun, exciting, crazy) year and a half. :-)

  7. Congrats to those two beautiful people!!! :0)

  8. Well, that was quite a post - from hairy asses to wedding bells in one deft flick of the (virtual) pen, I'm impressed!

    Sorry for your mid-week discomfort, but enormous congratulations on becoming a mother-in-law-to-be. Very exciting times :)


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