Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Goddaughter is famous....(well, sorta)

When I called my Goddaughter (she is also my cousin) the other day to ask how her recent round of cancer treatments had gone, she responded with "WONDERFUL, I FEEL GREAT"

"Have you talked to my dad lately? Lately as in the last- few- days lately?" She asked.

I told her I hadn't and she proceeded to tell me that the most wonderful thing happened to her.

She told of writing a letter to President Obama and of getting a hand written, SIGNED response.

When I screamed into the phone she said, "Ohhh wait, it gets better".

"The White House called me!!!....ME!!! THE WHITE HOUSE CALLED ME!!!!! she could barely contain her excitement.

"OH MY GOD!!!" I could barely contain MY excitement....

"WAIT.....WAIT, it gets better!!!!!

She went on to tell me that someone from the Washington Post came to her Monroe home and treated her family to dinner. They wanted her to know how much the President had appreciated her letter and to let her know that they planned to run her story in their paper as early as this week.

This young woman is a true inspiration to me. She's had some really big mountains to climb during her short stint here on this earth...and in spite of her numerous uphill battles she's managed to hold on to her positive outlook and unique, wicked sense of humor.

PS....Someone called a well known "reporter" at the Detroit Free Press and asked her if she was interested in covering this story...that reporter hopped right on it and the rest as they say, is history.

Read all about IT below....

PS....They did manage to forget one little detail in the story...her middle name, Elizabeth (after me).

I wonder if it's too late to call the Washington Post and get that tidbit added???? ;-)


  1. What a wonderful story and an inspiring woman, you must be so proud! The last line of the article had me in tears. Hurrah for love, hope and positivity over anger, disappointment and pessimism.


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