Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At least for today....

"Mom, I hate school"

"If getting a college degree was easy, everyone would have one"

"I'm quitting Mom. None of my friends go and they all make more money than I do"

"I'm going to be going to school for the next 10 years"

"Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?"

"I'm not going to pass Biology. The teacher was as dumb as a rock, the grades should have been posted days ago. I'm going to write her an email telling her just what I think of her. She was the worst teacher I've ever had"

"You may want to wait until she posts your grade."

"I wouldn't burn any bridges if I were you"

"What if you have to take another of her classes?"

"I'm quitting school, remember"

"I'll be eighty before I graduate...too old to work, what will be the point.?

"Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?"

"I have too many more classes to take, this is never, ever going to end, and I'm going to fail Biology. If the grades ever get posted. As soon as she posts my grade she's getting an email from me telling her what kind of rotten teacher she is"

"Don't send anything threatening, I don't want the cops on our doorstep"

"I hate school Mom, I've always hated school"

"Yeah, I know, that's why you're becoming a teacher"

"I'm quitting school Mom, quitting, I'll work full time and make more than a teacher makes anyway. All that schooling. Like 47 years and I'll only make around $25 grand a year, I can make that as a porter"

"I think you'll make a bit more than that son. People with college degrees always make more than those without"

"Steve Jobs quit college"

"Mark Zuckerberg was a dropout,  and you can see where those two went"

"Other than quitting school, do you have some big ideas floating around in your head that could potentially make you a millionaire?"

"You do anything you put your mind to kid,  you doubt yourself too much"

"Quit the pep talk Mom"

"I'm quitting school"

You can see dear readers why I've been absent lately. I can't come home and when I do I've been hiding out.

Each and every time Bear sees me we have the conversation (or some really close variation of the same conversation) above.

He's quitting school.

His Biology grade finally came in. (That lazy no good fer nuttin crummy azz teaching "impostor" finally posted the grades).


He passed.

Thank God, he passed.

Poo poo pee doooooo.....

He scheduled his next semester's classes...which means that toooo-day, he is not quitting.

We've (yes, I'm in this too) still got about ohhh maybe 102 semesters to go until he graduates.

And becomes an underpaid teacher who hates school and kids and his life, or not.....

Life with an oscillating pessimist,


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  1. YAY for passing Biology!! I can relate. I used to think I failed every paper, test or assignment that I turned in. And when the grades were finally posted, I too had passed. Keep on hanging in there with the encouragement mama. We pessimists need lots (sometimes a poke or two with a cattle prod is needed also) ;)


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