Friday, May 25, 2012

A true love story has no end....trois

She reached for his hand and held on for dear life.

The car rolled over at least twice.

The windows had to be kicked out in order to pull him away from the wreck.

She had to be cut out of the vehicle.

By the grace of the Good Lord, they survived.

Time marched on, and through good times and bad they stayed true to one another.

Relied on each other, cared for one another.

Their children grew up and gave them grandchildren who grew up and gave them great grand children...

In October of this year they will celebrate 56 years as husband and wife.

55 + years... now that's a huge accomplishment.

To this day they continue to finish each other's sentences.

She dotes on him and he has no doubt that he is adored beyond measure.

That goes for his affection for her as well, there's never been anyone else above her.

When she's near him she can't help but brush his thick hair back, and all the while he's looking at her with the sappiest, brightest blue eyes you've ever seen.

Hours have turned to days, days into weeks, weeks to months, months to years... an entire lifetime of loving one another has served them both well.

When the sun sets these days and she's tucking him in for the night he puckers up and she gently kisses his lips.

He is 90 years young.

She is...well, it's not really considered polite to tell a lady's age, so I won't.

Before the lights go out she lovingly caresses his forehead and kisses that too.

She always says to him " good night, I'll see ya in the morning"

He now replies, "you may not"....

"I may not WHAT...?!!!!" she responds.

"You may not see me in the morning" he says.

"What are you talking about?!!!" she demands "you're not going anywhere without me !!!!"

You may be wondering how this beautiful love story is going to end... ???

It isn't ever going to end.

Because real, true love stories never do.

****Marie and Martin (Marty) Janas your beautiful and unique love story has been (and continues to be) an inspiration to all who have been lucky enough to witness it.

I love you !!! 

And I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the example you've shown to me and to the rest of the world about "how to do it right".

My husband thanks you too.

May God continue to bless your special union and the both of you.



  1. Beautiful story! They'll be like the couple who 'went together' holding hands after many years of marriage. If I remember the story correctly she went first and his heartbeat showed up on her machinery and they left it on til he died like an hour later and they were still holding hands. They ended up being buried in the same coffin. How they always wanted to be...together. True love truly has no end. Thanks once again Beth for a wonderful story. xoxo Needless2say

  2. Smooches N2S... I love reading stories like that. Hard to think of living one day on the earth without a love like that, isn't it?

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for reading and for the kind comment. xoxo


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