Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kitten Love....

You may have heard the story about Googie and her kitty. I've probably told it lots of times (cut me some slack... I'm in my really, really, really, super late forties, and people that old forget lots of things they say and write, so bear with me, k?).

When Googie was a wee tot (about 4 or so) she began to beg Daddio and I for a kitten.

Daddio is not really fond of cats, and he and The Sweet Prince Buttercup are sometimes allergic to them as well so that was always the debate closer...

"Sorry kid, no cat".

"You can get a cat when you grow up and live in your own house"

"But Daaaaa-deeeeee, I want a kitty when I'm still a little girl" she begged, her small dimpled hands clasped prayer style.

"Please Daaaaaa-deeee, Please?"

"Don't make me wait till I'm a big girl Daaaa-deeee, please, please, please don't make me wait that long for a kitty, Daddy please don't"

Alrighty then...

A week or two after that last conversation, Daddio,

(totally securing his position as a for-ever -and- ever hero in his five year old daughter's eyes)

 was finally worn to a mere pile of mush by Googie's begging and pleading...

 he caved and got the kid a cat.

A kitten actually, a beautiful, gentle souled creature, hand chosen by Daddio and who captured Googie's heart before she was even picked up out of the box he brought her home in.

Googie delighted in caring for her new baby and was rewarded by a fierce loyalty.

The kitty loved Googie more than anyone.

As Googie grew older and was away from home more the kitty mostly took it in stride and would only occasionally get angry and bite Googie's toes as she slept, a reminder, should she ever forget, that she had a bed mate who loved her dearly.

Destiny, lovin mothering, and some good cat genes have allowed Googie's kitty to live a looooong life

She turned a whoppin 20 years old the other day.

Hailey didn't move with Googie when she and Trouble married. Cats, especially old cats do better staying in a familiar environment and the old girl loves to spend hours laying on Googie's windowsil watching the neighbors (now that's a pastime....).

I feed her and water her and pat her old bony back, she gotten quite frail lately so I don't pick her up much anymore.

The old kitty still and for-ever-more loves best a special visitor who gathers her up for a cuddle and never, ever lets her forget how loved and precious she is.

Happy Birthday Hailey... (and thank you so much for being the best kitten ever and my best girl's best girl)

Hailey turns the big 2-0

PS... Googie's superhero Daddy is celebrating a birthday today.. he's a bit past 20. Wish him a good one if you are so inclined. 



  1. My Grizz was like that too. Even tho she was my mom's kitty first, she loved me best. We figured out she was 21 when we had to let her go... She was a wonderful, sweet old girl who just happened to look an awful lot like Googie's kitty. :) Thanks for sharing a sweet story!

  2. What a sweet story!
    Happy Birthday Hailey!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Daddio!

  3. Bethi and N2S.. thanks thanks thanks (for your friendships, your readerships, your comments, all of it is very appreciated) xoxo


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