Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The difficult years..birth to present

I had a beautiful Mother's Day and I hope if you're a mom that you did too.

Buttercup and his Mrs came over on Saturday with a balloon, a mushy card, and cupcakes Mrs Buttercup had made.

(When I peeled back the foil and looked at them my (not so) "poker face" must have spoken volumes... WOW, these are very nice (incredibly plain) and unfrosted yellow cupcakes. WT-frick??? I leaned in to smell them in order to understand WHY my daughter in law would so proudly gift me with unfrosted cupcakes... now, the kid's no Ellie Mae Clampet by any means, but she was mysteriously very proud of the cupcakes...they were beautifully shaped, even plain they looked like they would taste great)

When I broke one in half to eat it I discovered the middle was filled with chocolate frosting...

Oh how I love a surprise, chocolate filled middle...

Mrs Buttercup also brought me a vase she made. A clear glass hurricane vase that was decorated with painted sticks that she picked up from the woods near her home.

She saw it on Pinterest and made one for her mom and I for Mother's Day.

I'm a sucker for vases, I'm a sucker for natural branches (of any size)...  I put a candle in it and then did what any good mother would do...I sent an email picture to Googie's phone letting her know that she'd been replaced as my number one girl.

Since it was Saturday that gave Googie one more shopping day to try and "one up" her sister in law..

Ohhhh how I do love me a good game of "who loves mother best?"

teee heeeeeee

Googie, Bear and Trouble came bearing awesome (over priced Hallmark) cards and gifts on Sunday.

Bear's card was hilarious...on the front it had a picture of a red-faced screaming baby and said "Mom, Thanks for raising me during my difficult years." on the inside "Birth to Present" ...

I cackled when I read that. How freakin true, every damn day we're mothers there is potential for a new challenge, the difficult years are often Birth to Present.. and seriously, who ever said it would be easy?

I am convinced that mothering is what I was born to do and what a validation to have three kids (plus two bonus kids) who tell you by words and deeds that they think you did it right.

Better than all the tea in China I tell ya.

PS... I'd better gush and brag and tell you that Googie and Bear bought me a pedicure for Mum's day. Trouble got me a card (JUST FROM HIM..WOW-ZA) and he and Googie got me some neat Elvis memorabilia, a dazzling spawk-ley copper diamond dusted bracelet (ohh she does know bracelets make my heart spaw-kle and sing songs of utter spaw-kley-ness). Googie also got me a small bird that sits on it's butt with it's little spindly stick legs and feet sticking straight forward, I put it on my windowsill and smile every time I see it.

PSS.. the real crack up here is that they didn't have to do a damn thing for me and I'd still know they love me and I know they appreciate me...even when I'm not helping them through the "difficult years"and their lives are hunky-dory and they don't need me for jack they still love ME and appreciate ME... they don't have to spend one red cent for me to know how loved I am.

I appreciate the things they do for me, really I do, but I must say that as long as they're happy and healthy and living a good life...that's all this mother needs to have a happy mother's day..it really is as simple as that.

(that said, you should SEE my bracelet, it's divine)


  1. Happy Mother's Day Koby!! :)

  2. And the same to you my darling dear (Reese Witherspoon look a like) adopted sister... xoxox


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