Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A true love story has no end...part duex

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He was calling to ask her out.

Come with me to an Initiation Party for the Veterans of Foreign War, he asked.

On the phone he also asked her to bring along her sister.

Ahh, she thought, he's not interested in me, he wants to get closer to my sister.

It's nothing like that, he insisted.

There would be lots of nice, single guys at the dance, maybe she'd meet a good one.

Her sister politely declined saying she'd hate to interfere with their reunion.

She pestered her sister and told her that she wouldn't go alone to the dance.

She worked her over and didn't stop until she finally changed her mind and agreed to accompany them.

While there Theresa was asked to dance by a nice young man named Mike.

A good choice.

One, that as of this writing, has lasted for 54 years.

Of course, if you happen to be a hopeless romantic like me, you probably think you know just where this is going.

And you are probably going to be right.

The beautiful young girl and her handsome suitor did fall deeper in love.

They dated for two years before he asked her father for her hand in marriage.

He got down on one knee and basically begged the man.

She watched as her dad answered this most important question "why do you only want her hand?" her father said "take ALL of her !!"... funny now, she says, but at the time she wanted to die of embarrassment.

Her dad defended his actions by saying some comic relief was needed.

She was 18.

He, a mature 34 when they married.

Over the years they welcomed into their lives a total of six children.

Three girls, three boys.

They worked hard as a team, he, sometimes working three jobs at one time in order to support them.

She did her share too, caring for the children and making his home his palace.

Never was there such a meticulous homemaker, she's been known to say that her home is her "crowning glory".

And what a lovely glory it was.

It was a place he was always so glad to come home to.

Their love story hasn't been all fairytale, certainly they had their fair share of great times but they also suffered more heartache than any family should bear.

They buried a daughter before her seventh month.

And later would suffer the loss of a beloved granddaughter.

But time and time again they proved that together they could weather any storm.

Their teenaged children like to tell tale of all the time the two of them spent in the bedroom... something that made the kids red faced and tickled pink all at the same time.

Who could say that after all those years their parents still wanted to spend time together in the bedroom..?

(And no, they were not sleeping).

Their romance was the part that keep everyone watching, to watch them dance was definition of poetry in motion.

In perfect sync, he leads and she follows.

Life moves swiftly, it ebbs, it flows.

Good follows bad follows good... and on it goes.

During a cross-country road trip to Arizona the children nearly lost them both.

She was behind the wheel, he resting in the passenger seat next to her.

A truck driver playing a game of chicken kicked off a chain reaction that would cause their car and trailer to dangerously fishtail.

While she fought to keep the car on the road he did all he could from where he sat.

When he knew that the car was going over the edge of the road he screamed to her "give me your hand, we're going over".

To be continued.....


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