Saturday, December 18, 2010

To each his own....

This post is a themed writing project challenge taken from Jenny Matlock over at off on my tangent.

Jenny says we can use UP to 100 words to tell our story. It can be fact or fiction. Jenny posts a few words, a prompt that we work from. This weeks prompt is in bold italics.

Meredith squirmed in the uncomfortable plastic chair trying hard to fit her voluminous can in the child sized seat.

Almost in unison her Fantasies Anonymous group scooted their chairs inward toward the center.

New faces always peaked special interest.

Not that the old faces weren’t of the fascinating variety.

Gumby, Bozo, Yogi and Felix sat captivated.

And Betty Boop tried hard not to giggle.

SpongeBob’s foot picked at a lifting tile on the floor as he spoke.

As he spilled details of his affection Meredith began feeling even more out of the loop, especially when Kermit leaned over and whispered "What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009..."


  1. Now this is just what the season needs! An amazing post!

  2. Nice job! I am struggling to come up with something, you nailed it!

  3. Oh how completely clever! You had me at Fantasies Anonymous...LOL.

  4. Where on earth did you come from??You are so funny..LOL Mom

  5. I can't think of a thing for this prompt. You went all out!

    Kudos on a hilarious story.

  6. Ha!!! loved it ...and poor spongebob ...

  7. I love "Fantasies Anonymous" and all of the endearing characters from my past. This was like the Disneyland of Centus posts. Thank you. xo

  8. wow. I definitely need to get better at this.

  9. This was amazingly wonderful and so clever. Sometimes I wonder how you come up with these ideas, ha. I think I need to learn how to be more creative, like you LOL.

  10. Koby, Sometimes I worry about you. Great take and loved the twist.

    Merry Christmas..........cj

  11. Thank you for your kind words on my SC-text!
    Anna's SC#33

  12. Holy my goodness.

    This was great!

    What a clever, clever use of a very difficult prompt.

    This was some wicked good writing!

    I hope you are having a lovely relaxing day recovering from a glorious and joyful Christmas!

    Thank you for linking.


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