Friday, December 17, 2010

The life and times of a very patient wife.....

So yesterday I got myself a little chuckle.

(actually, it was more like a big cackle...)

I bought Daddio a new winter jacket a couple of days ago

I bought a size smaller than I usually buy because he has been complaining that all of his clothes hang on him like they belong to his much fatter older brother.

Daddio doesn't have any brothers.

Moving on...

this jacket is the second, noooo third one I've bought this season.

I took the others back after they didn't cut the mustard,

for a myriad of reasons...

One coat had a collar that had "fuzz" on it

the other, was puffy, puffy like a marshmallow

the puffy one, in all its horrific puffiness provoked one question from His Royal Highness The King of Fussy..."who wears a jacket in that color...?"

Moving on....

So the third jacket I bought was pretty close to perfect in every single way.

No fuzzy collar.

Svelte, like a diet marshmallow.

And blackish know, a regular color.

A color a regular guy would wear.

Day one Daddio wears a big smile on his face along with his new coat.

The next morning, when he plucked his jacket off the wall hook he said "this jacket is a dust magnet, look how dirty it looks after wearing it only once".

(Looked fine to me)

Moving on...

The morning after that Daddio fetched his jacket from the closet in the hall.

He slipped it on over his shoulders.

Something wasn't right.

Not right at all...

"Seeeeeeeeeeeee" he said pulling at the sides of his new jacket "two damn wearings and the thing is already ALLLLLLL stretched out...".

Upon a close up, super-duper inspection by one Detective Beth Koby it is discovered that Daddio does indeed have a little jacket problem...

"That is your old jacket" she revealed.

Daddio breathed a sigh of relief that his jacket hadn't let him down after all.

And then he asked me...

"Do you see dust when you look at this jacket...?"

"Ohhhh yeah" I said " very, very're starting to look a lot like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown".

(Sometimes he brings out the mean girl in me...tee-hee)

PS...some of my devoted followers may suggest to me that I allow Daddio to do his own (damn fussy ass) shopping...well then, if I did, I'd have no fodder for this blog...just sayin.

 Have yourself a merry little Friday.



  1. Dear PPB: I can just see "his" face. Does he ever read your blogs? This one is precious too...LOL Mom

  2. Frig. You are patient. Daddio is like my oldest son. From day one...the seams on his socks didn't line up right. The fabric of his shirt was too....something. Even as a little kid. Oh...I pray for a patient wife for him. I will send her here for lessons.

    Moving on...

  3. This is very original...what fun!


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