Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy shi* the kid's Dad(dio) says.....

The enormity of Christmas, actually it's probably more the commercial enormity of Christmas and my reaction to it that sends Daddio into a (not so) jolly rant.

"I hate Christmas" he loves to say.

"Why exactly do you hate Christmas?" I like to ask.

"I guess it must be really hard to watch me bake, cook, clean, budget, shop, wrap, mail, transport, return and all the million other things that this wonderful holiday has me"

"Yes, it must really suck to be you at this time of year".

(He only has one person to shop for and that person is me...and he doesn't know that I know this...but he bribes his darling daughter into doing the dirty work for him ;-)

So with Daddio wallowing in his own personal brand of holiday spirit, coupled with the weather which is ferociously cold and wintry it just seemed fitting that a potential (financial and other wise pain in the ass) crisis would be in the cards.

The clock read 10pm when Bear called to tell us that The White Dragon (his old car) was down for the count.

It sat, refusing to start in the Divine Miss M's driveway.

Bear secured a ride home (smooches Trouble & Goog) and all the while Daddio tossed and turned, fretted and worried about how he was going to help Bear out of this pickle.

Hooptie cars are Daddio's Achilles heel.

They're the chink in his armor.

I fully expected him to hit me with his usual battle cry.

"Why did we ever have kids....?

Which is always my cue to remind him of all the wonderful things having children has brought to our lives.

The list, a big verbal Valium, usually sooths his freak out right down.

This time though he tricked me.

And went in another direction.

He went for his other words of wisdom... the ones he uses when he figures a huge financial issue is lurking just around the bend...

"You shoulda married a rich guy"

Ho ho ho....

So I ask it appropriate to add hooptie cars to one's nightly prayers...?

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