Thursday, December 9, 2010

An eye opener....

On a Mom's website I visit we are currently discussing "losing" one's self to motherhood and wife dome.

A strange thing occurred to me as I read what the other women responded.

I didn't lose myself when I became a wife and mother.

That's probably when I found myself.

It was an eye opener that's for sure.

Mostly because I have been known to be uber critical of those women around me who are wives and mothers and who seem to be not as devoted to that as they are to themselves...

So for me it was easy to be a wife and a mother.

I didn't feel like I was missing myself or anything else.

When my "mothering" was not so needed at home anymore..I did what any self respecting woman who is addicted to "mothering" would do... I picked up a bunch more kids.

Even my Patron Saint (chosen at age 14 when I was Confirmed) screams "you were meant for this job"...

St. Martha (Marta)...the Patron Saint of Homemakers...


I guess I owe some apologies...

You weren't lame and lazy after all...

I was just in my comfort zone and that is why I felt so good, so comfortable.

And that is why I never really truly resented all the work.

Safe and happy in my own little zone, it was easy to criticize from up on my high horse.

So if I ever told you to "buck up" or anything similar to that...forgive me please.

xoxoxoxoxoxox and all that jazz.

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  1. Dear PPB: It doesn't even matter so much that you love to MOTHER....What matters so much is that you do!!!!!The kids that have had the pleasure to know you and the kids that you have helped are so glad that you chose Mothering...As for us that you advise..Remember that an outside observer can often (with good intentions) really you so often do...LOL Mom


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