Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Street cred...

Yesterday, bittersweet. One of my very favorite loveables of all time got terminated.

Set free, at least from our juvenile system.

I asked about his "last meal" and he said he wanted fried ice-cream.

Or mud cake with gummy worms.

I made the cake in the morning and before lunch ran out to get him a card and a little something.

This kid is one who worries me in lots of ways. Just this week he jumped out of a moving car and butted into a domestic issue going on in the parking lot.

The loveable, 5 feet 2 inches of pure bad-ass-ness went after a big grown man who had his finger wagging and his loud voice yelling in a woman's face.

"You don't just run up on things like that" I warn.

 "You don't know what that guy could have had in his pocket" another staff member says.

"And that guy doesn't know what I might have in mine" he replies.

I hug him at least three times before he leaves for court.

"I hope to never, ever see you again here" I say as he walks out the door.

"I'll visit as a free man, okay?" he responds.

Later, we make enchiladas in class.

It's Ground Hog's Week Month Year Day here at Day Treatment.

Today we have a few onlookers, they are new to our department.

They are commenting amongst themselves about the subjects being discussed.

I tell them that they should be around when we make pounded chicken breasts where the talk ALWAYS turns to how "I want them to beat their meat" (arrghhh..flippin idiots).

This day the loveables are hard at work wrapping/rolling tortillas.

Meat filled, bean filled, cheese only.

While they wrap they exchange small talk.

They are saying things they don't think we (the adults) understand.

So when one of them starts talking marijuana slang I wag my finger at them.

"She knows what we are talking about" another says with a smirk.

"No she don't" another one says.

"Do you think I came down with yesterday's rain?" I ask them.

"I want to grow marijuana" one of the loveables says "legally, like for sale."

"I'm going to name my store Wacky Tobacky" he continues.

"Wow" says the chef under his breath so only those very close to him hear "now that's original".

"Why is it exactly that each generation thinks they discovered, developed, masterminded EVERYTHING...????" I answer just as quietly.

As the job grows monotonous they start rolling the tortillas like they're rolling a joint.

They think they're very slick and that none of the staff is noticing what they're doing.

Finally, I have enough.

"Hey" I say as one of them finished smugly (joint) rolling his tortilla and laid it into the pan " you forgot to lick it".

And I demonstrate.

"Obviously...I am not as dumb as I look" I add.

Street cred(ibility) carries an incredible amount of weight when dealing with this know-it-all, been-there, no-body's as cool as me thug crowd.

                          * I'm not going to be posting for a week or so... I'm off to Hawaii ;-)

EDITED TO ADD....(if only in my dreams)

        Please do come back. 



  1. Have a lovely time. I hope you are going to see Kawaii. Sooo beautiful!

  2. ohhh Jessi...I am only off to Hawaii in my dreams. My computer decided to freeze and my post published before I could edit it. I appreciate your comment and please if you come back and read this, tell me all about Kawaii...I so want to smell the beautiful flowers my Marmie has told me about.



  3. I went with my grandparents when I was 14, so my memories are a bit hazy. We went primarily to see Pearl Harbor, but we toured 4 islands in 2 weeks and Kawaii (which I'm pretty sure I'm spelling wrong) was the one that I loved the most. I'm convinced that's where all the pictures of waterfalls and hibiscus in the world are from.

  4. Loved the blog, it is beautifully written. I'm a regular reader. have a great time and keep up the good work

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  5. Dear PPBB: (not a spell error)Pretty Pretty Betsy Brown: I was momentarily stunned at your going to Hawaii comment. I thought I had lost some brain cells. I loved the blog...You are so good with your "Lovables"...I will add this boy in my long long long list of kids that I pray for.. LOL Mom

  6. This post made me laugh. I'm a high school teacher, and we get some of the same behaviors (although to a much milder extent.)
    I think of mine as the little darlings, as in, "today the little darlings broke one of my desks."

    I enjoyed reading your perspective.


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