Monday, November 15, 2010

Novermber 15, 2010

Dear Diary...

Yesterday was Googie's 23rd birthday. I won't bore you with writing things like "where in the hell did 23 years go?" suffice it to say that it warp sped by.

Onward then...

On Friday, which was opening night for her and Trouble's show (*1) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, I decided to make her some birthday cupcakes to take and share with the cast ( just like I used to do when she was 6, and since I'm pining for those days gone by, it made perfect sense to do so).

Earlier in the day I found myself in the cake decorating supply store asking the clerk for a bit of help..

"I'd like to purchase some really spaw-ka-lee glitter for my little girl's birthday cupcakes" I said.

"and I also need some sugar hearts,

and some pink frosting."

When I mentioned, in my annoying clerk chatter way, that I was getting all these wonderful goodies to make some squeal worthy cupcakes for my little girl's birthday, she responded "awwww, how old is your little girl going to be?"

"She's turning 23" I said.

The clerk didn't know if she should laugh or not...


Googie loved the small cakes and squeal she did.

The next morning I made her heart shaped pancakes, a birthday tradition at our place.

And she requested spaghetti for dinner.

But they don't make heart shaped pasta, so I just made regular.

While Googie and Trouble were away performing at their matinee I invited her future in laws to join us for dinner and cake and I took to preparing the palace for guests.

In an effort to not talk my own head off while cleaning I turned on the radio and tuned it to a country station.

And dammit it all to hell if that freakin Carrie Underwood didn't come on and sing this song...

(*2) ( — September 23, 2010 — Music video by Carrie Underwood performing Mama's Song. (C) 2010 19 Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Arista Nashville).

So after I finished mopping the placemat sized pools of alligator tears that spilled onto the kitchen table as I listened to that song (and thought for the zillionth time that Trouble is gooooood, sooooo good, and he treats my little girl just like a real man should)..I decided I needed a diversion.

And I got one on my mom's website...

Rachel Ray's recipe for Late Night Bacon...(ohhh, and the comments sooooo gooood).

(Mom click on the link below ;-)

*)The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was theeee funniest show I've ever seen. Googie and Trouble were awesome and hilarious. I highly recommend that you see this show if you are in the area. If you are, you know how to contact me (and I hope you do).

*2) I found it very interesting that the date listed on this YouTube video was September 23rd, which is the date Googie is getting married next year...hmmmmmm.

 I just love it when stuff like that happens.


  1. Dear PBB: I watched the song and cried my eyes out, I read the blog and cried even more.. I think you have so many wonderful firsts to experience my wonderful girl!!!!! I am so glad that you take a bloggers route to expressing your feelings.. We all love reading what you write.....LOL Mom

  2. Time does goes by so fast for our kids, doesn't it.. you sound like a fun fun mom!
    That Carrie Underwood song makes me cry every time too!

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother
    Amazing Salvation


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