Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy....

Did you know that?

If I had a buck for every time I had a wild idea, or a not so wild idea, that was vetoed, laughed at, dismissed or otherwise shot to the ground by a no good, evil little voice spewing negatives,

the one who's only job is to make me doubt,

and second guess myself.

If I had a buck for every time I was tempted to listen, I'd be one rich ass woman.

Do you have one of those?

A voice that whispers how wrong you are?

How ill prepared?

Not enough of this or that?

I put up a pretty good fight with the little voice that has tried, on occasion, to run my life.

Some of the young people in my life...?

Not so much.

They listen,

really listen to that voice.

The one that tells them that they will fail.

That "it's" a dumb idea.

That they will never amount to anything.

That life will always be tough.

And hard.

And not worth it.

Is it just life experience that teaches us that that voice lies?

Or maybe it's life experience that tells us it doesn't?

Either way I wish so hard I could find a way to shut the nonproductive voice down.

And replace it with one that says "trust yourself".

"Everything will be alright"

"Even if it is not the right decision, you will be okay"

"You'll make it through"

"You'll land on your feet"

"Keep fighting, don't give up, dance as fast as you can, pray, hope, believe.


That is what life is all

And of course that includes making mistakes.

Which won't kill you.

Thank you for listening...


  1. Hi Aunt Beth :)

    Love your blog. I battled with this same thing when deciding to get married at 19. But I did it, and I love life! Alex and I are still working through college and working, and all is better, and we have been married for 1 1/2 years and I'm only 20! Life is sweet when we listen to the "good" voice.

    Love you, Bethany

  2. Dear PBB: You are pretty darn intellegent...Did you know that???? I am often amazed at the stuff that comes from your brain.....NO NOT AMAZED!!!! I think more proud and pleased that you think there is always hope for those LOVELY kids you work with. I am again as usual very proud of you and the things you believe and share with us.....LOL MOM...

  3. oh yes. I can really identify with this post! If only I could shove some "ear plugs" inside myself to block out that voice...
    One thing I'm sure of is that your voice and the words of encouragement you bring to those kids will be another voice inside them to combat (and hopefully scream louder than)that critical voice inside them. How blessed they are that you are there to speak in another voice!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments loved ones...There have been many times that I didn't listen to the little voice and instead did something that felt right, yet was TOTALLY outta my comfort deciding to change "careers" so late in life. If I'd listened to the voices that told me I was crazy, I would have passed on the opportunity, and missed a whole lotta fun and joy in my life.

    Glad to hear you are doing well Bethany..we miss you around here!! xoxo


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