Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay...who's sick?

Last night Daddio and I were sailing down the road in the coupe exchanging some small talk about the kids.

I mentioned remembering a time when we thought one of them was sick...really sick.

And how scared I was.

A blogging mom I follow recently suffered through a health scare with her small son.

She wrote about thinking that every bump, every bruise, every misplaced hair follicle had her pos-i-tive that SOMETHING was WRONG.

Like me, she takes it to SOMETHING is VERY VERY VERY WRONG in about two seconds flat.

She says that this is her Achilles heel.

And I told Daddio the same is true about me.

I think it has something to do with losing my brother?

Or maybe it's because my parents divorced?

Or maybe I'm all my kids are sick "paranoid" because my arms were too hairy in the 5th grade (and I had to wear a cardigan sweater for 180 days straight so no one could see them)...

I guess I don't need to lay blame.

I am what I am.

And this is what it is.

But I don't like it.

Cause it makes my stomach hurt.

As a side note, I also obsessively worry about my parent's health, my sister's (and her family's) health, Daddio's health, Daddio's family's health, my friend's health, and my own health.

I also worry about this little girl...she's getting up in years.

Is that a bump on her stomach? Do you see a cataract in her eye? Was that a heartbeat that was skipped? Why is she breathing all rattle trap like that?

Maybe she has a pea stuck up her nose???

That happened once to Susan...another story for another day ;-)

Have a blessed and peaceful Wednesday....and may all your inner demons be on good behavior today.

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  1. Dear PPB: Loved the blog. I do the very same thing. As I have told you tho, it has become much more serious since your brother died...Now we know "it" can happen..LOL (lots of love) Mom


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