Friday, September 3, 2010

The squeaky wheel gets the grease...

or possibly a Stalking Charge?

You ever really want something?

Really, really want something?

And think that with a little hard work, your wish could be granted?

I want to build the loveables a new kitchen.

And I need help.

And the help I've decided I need is Oprah Winfrey's good friend Nate Berkus...(you know the very nice, clean cut guy that is always surprising people on her show with makeovers of their small spaces???)

I need Nate Berkus' help.

And I want it so damn bad, I can taste it.

Now, how to get Nate Berkus to decide to pick us as a pet project?

That my friends just may be the million dollar question.

How do we con him into choosing us out of all the people that ask for his help???

I asked a gifted young woman photographer I work with to take a couple of pictures our pathetically dreary little kitchen.

Old cinderblock walls painted a dreadful pale yellow. Cupboards that are chipped and many missing doors. Poor inefficient plumbing that has caused sink drain water to backup onto the floor and loosen the homely tiles that cover it.

That damn kitchen is ugly.

Butt ugly.

But oooooh, if those walls could talk.

They would tell such tales.

Stories of laughter, and learning,

and an almost daily realization that we are all not as bad as we sometimes may seem.

The little kitchen doesn't reflect what really goes on in there.

In my mind's eye I see brightly colored walls, and pretty cupboards.

I see inspirational art work, whispering messages of hope.

I see a counter big enough for us all to gather round.

And a floor that looks like we've mopped it after we have in fact mopped it.

A couple of friends of mine located Oprah's address.

And soon I will have picture proof of our need.

I will have one of the artistic loveables decorate an that screams " PICK ME TO READ" from the pile.

I plan to start the letter...

Dear Oprah and Nate,

They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one....

Wadda ya think?

PS...if anyone reading this post is Oprah or Nate's cousin, lifelong pal, old classmate, FB friend, next door neighbor...could you please pass along the link to this little blog?

...Merci xoxo


  1. What a great idea!! You go, girl!

  2. Dear PPB: We want to see the pictures too!!!!Love the blog.. Good Luck!!!LOL (Lots of Love) Marmie

  3. A wonderful idea, I'll do anything I can to help your dream, even from this far away! I've been off on holiday, just back and catching up again, will write :)


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