Sunday, September 19, 2010

Music to my ears....

This post is a themed writing project challenge taken from Jenny Matlock from off on my tangent.

Jenny says we can use UP to 100 words (not including the prompt) to tell our story. It can be fact or fiction. The only restriction is: The prompt must be left intact WHICH MEANS you cannot split up the words in the prompt.

(For some reason this week I didn't see the prompt...and I worried that something was wrong over at Jenny's place...I checked in this morning to see what it could be and low and behold..I found the Saturday Centus challenge..I can see now, I'm addicted.)

Below is my story, the prompt is in BOLD italics…

"This is never going to come out," she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.

She worked on the slightly discolored, indented mark left each and every time he rocked back and forth in his recliner. Only one foot hit, the other, tucked neatly underneath. Downstairs doing laundry she’d hear the floor creak as he rocked. The rhythm, strangely reassuring. Sometimes she’d sit in his chair and pretend to be him.The pad of her foot would hit the spot, back and forth she’d rock. She didn’t like the impression on the carpet, and every now and then the sight of it embarrassed her.. No, she didn’t love the spot, but she loved it’s signification.


  1. Aww, that was beautiful :) I think we all have spots like that at some point in our lives. Great writing! Very nostalgic :)

  2. Very good and little different take on the prompt...nice one.

  3. oh neat one. A totally different kind of spot! Creative!

  4. This was a sweet one. I'm wondering who the he is/was? Father ? Husband? Living or not?

  5. Reading this, I thought of the rocking habit my son has - but it's not on the recliner. He's broken one kitchen chair so far, working on the second one.

  6. Viki..."he" is my sweet husband. I call him Daddio... ;-)

    He's been a rocker since he was a small boy, wears out rocker recliners in record time.

    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.

  7. This made me tear up. Some spots and stains are meant to be kept. Whether on a carpet or in our hearts. Loved this use of the prompt.

  8. Nicely done, Koby! A very warm and touching addition to this week's collection of stories. Great job!

  9. Koby, Loved the fresh take on the prompt and the poignancy with which you wrote.

  10. I like this. It's sweet and very well written.

  11. Lovely. And you used sound. Good use of the prompt. Very sweet story. It reminds me of my mommie's Daddy. He used to sit in one of those big heavy chairs that left a dent in the carpet. But everyone in the family loved him. And miss him.
    Sara Cat

    Sara Cat's SC Week #20

  12. Love this!! Great job working with the worn carpet and giving it such a rich history. Very sweet.

  13. Great post. Good use of the prompt. Unexpectedly positive.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-Week-20

  14. Oh, the very best kind of worn in the carpet.

    This was poignant and lovely and moving.

    This was just an unexpected use of the words and I really enjoyed reading you this week.

    Thank you for linking.

  15. After most of the other posts, this take rocked me back on my heels. How clever and imaginative to personalize the spot. Now, my imagination can run wild working up stories about the rocker and who rocked in it.



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