Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My journey is filled with delightful surprises....

I'm a major quote lover..I've lots of saved Documents filled with favorite quotes.

And notebook upon notebook littered with them too.

Quotes I want to remember, quotes I want to use when I write, when I speak, quirky quotes, sentimental quotes, quotes about quotes.

Today when I sat down to (I'm just gonna say it) pee... I saw this in my pants,

Life is a journey, not a of my favorite quotes.

Why though is it in the zipper part of my pants?

I guess the manufacturers of these pants thought us such a busy society that they could get to us when we are at our least distracted???

I really appreciate the thoughtfulness..and in the future, if I purchase more pants made from the same place I may not have to remember to grab reading material when I use the latrine.

And soon we may look forward to common sense warnings...

"Wipe front to back"

For those going commando... "Be sure to tuck before you zip"..

And my very favorite common sense warning of all..."Pads go adhesive side down".

I may have to copyright this idea.


  1. Dear PBB: As usual I got a chuckle at your post...As usual you got me laughing out loud with your sense of humor...I guess I just love the heck out of you .....LOL Marme

  2. hahahahaha!!! Now I'm going to start looking inside my pants for cool sayings. Maybe I'll incorporate it in the kids' schooling. "Ok kids, now everyone go look in their pants for reading time today" ;0)


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