Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Elizabeth RN... (stands for Rotten Nurse)

TGIF... it's been a really really really really really loooooooooooong week.

Bear is going to survive, a really bad case of mono has been diagnosed, is being treated and is currently under good control..

whew that was a close one.

He tells no lie(s) when he says he has the immune system of a sickly two year old... and the healing properties of a 1,000 year old man.

My dad is still hanging out horizontally on the fifth floor of a local hospital... Susan (my sister, you may know her as the one who reads every other written word, in every medium, including the dosing instructions of baby Tylenol while having no small children, yes, she reads everything...ev-ery-thing except this blog)... where was I..?

Oh yeah Susan (you may know her as ....please see above) worked on a project at the very hospital that my dad is currently being killed at.... the project was done with a consulting firm the purpose of said project was to see where this hospital failed (the way in which it is horrifically run, that's where..yo) and where it could improve (stop killing so many with your poor, inept care..duh)

Susan says the hospital received high "marks" in the surgical arena however they received really low marks in aftercare... 

no shit... seriously

There is a particularly snooty nurse whose hair I would love to pull. She is condescending and rude. Not to mention mean, uncaring and a witch with a "B"....

The crack up is that this month she is the featured "EMPLOYEE of DA MUNT"... so her (fake) smiling mug is plastered on an 8x10 situated on the information board as you round the corner to my dad's room.

Ohhhh how I want(ed) to rip down that picture.

I even fantasized about putting the large photo in the toilet and pooping on it...( not a command pooper so that was out)

I didn't tell Susan (my sister...) about my plan because she likes to pretend to be the mature one...she'd rather write a complaint letter than take an un-flushed dump on a glossy 8x10.

Yesterday as we walked toward our dad's room she asked an odd question..."you don't have a Sharpie, do you...?" she said nodding toward the ugly picture of the ugly nurse.

What the hell...she was going to do a little ink "photo-shoping" on that bimbo's mug shot....

Good lawd, there is hope for that girl after all...

(I didn't have a Sharpie and thank goodness I didn't...neither one of us noticed the huge (really large) round "see everything up and down the hallway" mirror ball thingy hanging on the would have been hugely embarrassing having a security escort out of the hospital with a destruction of property charge looming)....



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  1. This scares the hell out of me! That's going to be me someday, horizontal in a hospital bed! I've had two separate relatives in nursing homes, too.


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