Monday, August 6, 2012

Good bye Bouncer...


Good gawd, Bear turned 21 on Saturday.

I can't remember my own 21st birthday, (no, I wasn't that drunk... I'd been legal for years, the drinking age in Michigan was 18 at the time.)

I cried while in the card store choosing the perfect birthday card for my boy.

Bear is one of a kind kind of kid... I like to tell people that when I find myself dozing on the couch and I feel a blanket being gently laid over my shoulders, when I look up, it's always Bear placing it there.

He notices when my feet ache or my heart is broken.

We spent so much time alone together when he was small.. I feel like we're pals.

Many of the cards I looked at had boys on the front that looked a lot like he did.

Dark, thick, tousled haired boys with sturdy hands and bright eyes.

Little boys playing ball, building Lincoln Log fortresses, fishing on the side of a wide stream... the kind of crap that automatically triggers the waterworks in a mother such as me.

The words below were on the card I choose...

"Along the halls of yesterday where happy memories glow, I sometimes see the little boy I loved so long ago.

He fills the house with noisy fun and laughter as he plays, banging doors in eagerness to reach his grown up days...

Today I'm proud to see a man who's grown to warm my heart even more than that small boy I loved so at the start. 

I'm going to miss having a kid around.

"21" is seriously "official" in the "I'm a grown ass man" arena.

I need to get to the mind frame that shouts "what a wonderful job you did with this kid person"...and stop wallowing in the whisper asking me how in the world "I" got old enough to have a baby that can not only drink vodka and not worry about getting caught.... but walk into any liquor store, with a bona fied ID and buy the crap...


Pages turn sister.....yes, yes, yes, they certainly do.

And the sooner you face facts the less you will look like a crazy lunatic.

Okay, yeah, sure.

xoxo..thanks for reading my blog!!


  1. My daughter's 21st is coming up in a few weeks! Lord help her! I'm five hours away, so I've decided I will send her a check and hope for the best. Her experience with alcohol in the past has not been good; hopefully she will remember and just celebrate at home!

  2. My baby turned 21 on Sunday. He has a party planned this coming weekend. On a houseboat - with all of his other over 21 friends. I can't wait (ha!). Water and booze. Mom's worst nightmare....

  3. And my Princess turns 21 Jan 2. As my parents did, her Dad and I will buy her the first 'offical' drink at her birthday dinner. Your Bear and my Princess sound so much alike. Kind hearted old souls who like to take care of Momma.

    Happy 21st Birthday to Bear. Hope he was recovered enough to enjoy it.
    Your fan,

  4. Happy 21 years to Bear. Sunrise.... Sunset...


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