Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Selfish thoughts abound....

Tonight's Life Skills class will feature a speaker... a college admissions specialist.

Or rather fresh meat for the loveables.

My co-worker set it up and frankly I've been stressing just a tad about how this is going to pan out.

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that not all people are college material.

Many of my loveables probably won't go to college, many won't live their life on the good side of the law for long enough to pursue an education.

Lets call a spade a spade.

I truly am often the best cheerleader the loveables have, and while I do like (and am prone to) spending an inordinate amount of time lulling about in dipsy la la land, sometimes I do have moments and flashes of total and extreme brilliance (if I do say so myself)...

And today, concerning this class, the brain scientist inside me screams "we're (potentially) screwed".

At best, I envision the thugs with their heads down on the desks sleeping "her" off.

At best, I imagine expressionless mugs and shark eyed stare off(s) when she asks "any questions?".

(non acknowledgement may be best, trust me on this one)

I've been told that I am too easy on the loveables and that I spoil them (when not an ounce of spoiling has been earned or deserved).

I'm figuring the general consensus will (once again) sway that way when I come in today arms loaded with popcorn, candy and MickyD's gift card(s) for tonight's class.

What "they" just don't get is that I am soooo not thinking of the loveables when I do the things I do.

With fists full of popcorn and non perils to shove in their pie holes the lovables won't be sleeping and they also won't be offering opinions about anything.

At least not whilst the presenter is presenting.

The cards are bribes for later...along with a gentle sprinkling of guidance the loveables will be given slips of paper, for each relevant question asked, they get one entry into a drawing for the Micky D cards.

The more questions, the more entries.

Of course the loveables will be brought up on game before the speaker arrives so she will be led to believe she is speaking to a grateful group of socialized animals nice teens.

Fake it till you make it, I always say.

The whole plan...absolute brilliance, if you ask me.

Proactivity breeds success.

Not everyone is college material... but we can all pretend that we are for 90 minutes.

Wish me well....

PS...edited to add, If in my wildest, most hopeful dream(s) concerning my loveable thugs that one (or good grief!! more than one) would truly gather some interest and information about a future college education, take it and run with it... I would have certain, beyond a doubt proof, that God does indeed answers prayers.



  1. Years ago, (15 at least) one of my "loveables" told me she just wanted to get married and have babies. She graduated last spring from college with a 4.0. Oh, yes her husband and 3 children were there to see her walk. It didn't sink in when she was in my class, but it sprouted over the years and bloomed. So you just never know! (and wish I had thought of the MickyD bribes!!!)

  2. Thanks so much for the comment... what a proud moment that must have been for everyone involved in her climb up the ladder of success.


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