Monday, January 2, 2012

At a loss for words...

Looks like I (and this blog) may be in some deep shit.

I'll be counting on you, my non-commentors to help me think up some new verbiage to use when trying to express myself.

Michigan's Lake Superior State University published it's latest list of banished words and I must confess, the list looks like one of my blog posts.

How dare they take away my words, it reeks of censorship..

"She's sooooooo 2011" you'll probably think as you read my postings using the list of obsolete and over used words.

I want to be AWESOME folks, not passe.

I don't want to use the banned words and be considered in epic fail mode as I attempt to entertain and delight you with my thought provoking ramblings...

Not only entertain and delight I want to throw in a little of The Wow Factor... the wow factor here is important too and how do you portray the wow factor unless you say the wow factor..?

(wow factor is a no no)

And what about those ah-ha moments, I'm just sayin.

Time for me to man up BFF's and think up some new words... (which will probably find themselves deep six'd as next years banned from the English Language words...)

I did a bit of Internet searching (hopping, skipping, jumping) and happily can report that my TMO's (total transitional options) are many...

And my SIP (synchronized incremental projection) looks good.

Nothing like a little ITF (integrated transitional flexibility) when writing to make you feel in the cool, kwim?

So if you, like me, find yourself authoring a really AWESOME blog and running out of words that are relevant, new, full of excitement..and you wish to think up some new ones so that you sound fresh (not to mention smart as hell)... I've got a website for you (a buzz phrase generator, you simply type in a three digit number and they provide you with a cool new phrase... no one will  know what the hell you are talking about..but hey, what the hell is new, right)
I thank you in advance for continuing to read.

I was planning to sign off using one of my all time favorites....

Living life to the fullest... (banned, banned, banned)

Now they've really pissed me off.

(Random phrase generator found here)


  1. You are too funny! I'll be checking out that website very soon! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Be YOU and no one else! Awesome YOU!!! And thanks so much for the website :)

  3. Happy New Year ladies...thanks for the AWESOME comments (I truly appreciate them and you!!) xoxo


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