Friday, December 16, 2011

Season's greetings.....

I was sitting at a table in our work cafeteria talking on the phone with a coworker yesterday.

The conversation was centering around a new client whose case she was now working.

As we talked I saw a group of people walk in thru the door and toward me.

One was waving.

At first I couldn't see who it was.

And when I finally recognized who the waver was I screamed, threw down the phone, and ran across the room and into a hug, big bear fashion.

Two of my very favorite loveable thugs of ALL TIME had come to visit their school "mama"...

and boy-oh-boy was this work mama ever in need of a surprise such as this.

In typical teen boy style they'd both grown nearly a foot taller (and broader too) .

Both had good life reports to deliver, which always makes a mom feel a bit of job satisfaction,

and pride.

"I passed all my subjects, but I got a "D" in Algebra" one said.

"That's passing, right?" I said (forever okay with okay).

"Do your best" I said "it's the best you can do"....

"Yer not gonna like what I am about to tell you" he continued and hung his head.

"I'm dating someone from our old class, someone I used to hang with..."

Ooooooh no, I didn't say... not her

She'd gotten him into so much trouble, the only real trouble he'd ever gotten in while in our program.

She'd snuck him into a corner in a darkened room and offered up a 2-10 (to crack the code simply reference the alphabet)...

He declined.

How do I know this...?

he told me while we fried chicken and talked about his write up

I gave him my best Dr Laura (and Marmie) impression...

"You want to think really hard about who you lay down with" I said "you don't want a crack pot nut job as the mother of your potential children, do you...?"

"That girl is not the greatest news, ya know"

"You will be connected to the mother of your children for all your born days, you get that, right...?"

"Choose wisely son..."

Yep, that was the one... (dammit).

"I remember what you said about her" my loveable thug said.

"I sure don't know everything" I said, a bit ashamed "even if I try to pretend like I do"...

"You are such a good, good boy" I said "I want only the best for you, always...understand?"

He promised that he did.

And then hugged me about seven more times.

An early Christmas gift, fo sure.



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