Friday, September 30, 2011

I guess it's all in how you look at it....

Today could be called the happiest day ever.... one I never thought would get here.

I've had nearly 26 years to think about it and now that it's here I'm feeling a bit like a deer caught in a beam of headlights...


Now what?

Slide across the kitchen floor in my underwear?

Blast my radio and do some 1970's fancy footwork?

Look at old pictures and pine for days gone by...?

It is time to reinvent myself...

Decide what it is I want to do, to be...?

I'm already impatient waiting for an answer.


My house is so quiet a hair falling from my scalp could create a noise when it hit the carpet...

I don't like it... I don't like it at all.

Googie and Trouble came home from New York last night, if it were a "regular" day and Googie was asleep in her room I would bust in and declare her "pretty enough" after all that beauty sleep and I would offer up my checkbook for us to shop or go to lunch... something, anything... I don't much like boredom.

I used to think I did... but that was before I was.

I could call Daddio at work and tell him of my troubles...but usually when I do that he makes lame suggestions that I do some housework or take some junk to the Salvation Army...

Not my idea of a whimsical day...

It's funny how a person's perspective can change... had you asked me anytime during the past 26 years what a "perfect" day would be like I certainly would have said.."a quiet house where I can hear myself think"...

Today, I'd give anything to have my old job back, snotty noses and all.

I miss my babies.

However.... my new world is full of possibilities.

Not all the lyrics apply, but hot damn, what a beat..

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