Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sound the trumpets.....

Bear surprised us with a visit home on Sunday.

It sure was good to see him (after one whole week... sigh)

I laid out the red carpet (and the homemade chicken pot pies, the double chocolate Hershey brownies, the groceries, some hard cold gas money and whatever else he appeared to be interested in)....

I did cartwheels in the kitchen

and spit nickles outta my ass...

Chased my tail and did the rumba.


Googie was happy to see her brother... but she was understandably "put out" when the whole day was a total Bearfest....

Complete with fireworks and homemade spaghetti.

And really, who can blame her?

Poor kid.

When a hug is really a strangle
(...this is a very old picture of Bear,
The Princess of Quite A Lot and ol whats-her-name....

PS. Kitten... Mama Cat is only kidding, you know you are the cat's meow, capito?

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