Monday, June 27, 2011

Sundays and sundaes...

Yesterday was about as perfect of a day as a perfect day can get.

Daddio and I conserved water by showering...oh, never mind, a couple of our offspring read this blog (and I don't want to give her an upset stomach...yuck)..

Then, when the weight of doing nothing all day long tuckered me out Daddio suggested that I take a snooze.

People shouldn't sleep in the middle of the day.

It's not right.

Alright y then, I crawled into the sack,  took off my ankle bracelet and my pants and let the sun dance on my cheeks.

And the wind rustle my eyelashes.

I ordered my body to sleep.

When it didn't want to listen, I ordered it to rest.

While I rested, I had thoughts of bickering with Marmie... (which I don't do).

And of adopting children with caramel colored skin ( I'm done with raising children, no matter what beautiful colors they may come in).

When Daddio plopped down on the bed and roused me from my rest I denied sleeping.

He pointed to the clock... I'd been resting for almost two hours.

And the pillow had a wet spot on it...

I felt pretty crappy from all that non napping.

And a bit groggy.

And I wanted to call Marmie and apologize.

We had McDonalds carryout for dinner as I was much too rested to cook.

Afterward Daddio suggested something purely magical...

"Do you want to get a Dairy Queen sundae and sit by the river?"

Me and Daddio AND a hot caramel sundae down by the that's a day dreamy kind of day.

shuuuushhhhhh... I still may be sleeping (that kind of crap doesn't happen to old married couples)

Or maybe it does.

Enjoy the dreamy moments of your life (and eat a caramel sundae down by the river too, k).


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  1. Dear PPB: I love this blog.. AND I love that Daddio. I also love you BUT I sure do live that DADDIO..LOl Marmie


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