Friday, June 17, 2011

A couple of huggable loveables.....

There is a rule in place at my workplace..."keep a u hands offa da kids".

Roughly ain't supposed to touch the children.

You ain't possed to slap a knot on der heads, you ain't possed to kick em in da ass, you keep your emotion to yourself.

Touching in the form of a hug is also prohibited frowned upon.


When I used to work at a school as a teacher's aide I was told the same thing.

I didn't listen then, and I don't listen now.

(of course I make sure to never leave a mark when I beat em with my wooden spoon)

Seriously...  I hug em all the time and I dare anyone to try and stop me.

They need it.

And some days I need it too.

Two of my favorite evvvv-er loveables left the program this past week.

Hot damn... I'm so happy for them, but geeeeeeze ohhhh pete I'm sure gonna miss having them to back me up.

It's not often that I want to adopt my loveables...but these two, these two I could have made into little Koby's without a second thought.

(They probably would have had a bit of trouble fitting next to Daddio on the lazyboy..but hey, we coulda made it work)

I liked most everything about these boys and often found myself wondering how in the hell they got into this program in the first place...

I knew how, cause I'd read their social/offense histories.... but sometimes that document only speaks of a moment (okay, maybe a couple of hours) of stupidity, impulsive idiocy or some other random act of ass-holiness.

That was the case with these two.

My heart tells me they are good eggs.

I don't like to cry in front of the loveables...

Tears (even from an old "mother like" figure) equal weakness.

Or at the very least a very uncomfortable squirmy moment (s)...

(I guess a lot would depend on if I were crying heaving sobs...?)


I got lots (and gave lots) of hugs this week...

Some of the bright spots of my day have gone on to brighten the days of others... (I have no doubt that they will do just that).

I hate goodbyes....

I really do.


  1. Dear PPB: I love that you adore your "lovables".. I'll just bet that they love that you love them too. Keep up the good work. Remember that they are in so many peoples eyes,"throw-away kids"... So many of the people that take care of them really do not think they will "get better" and are just payimg lip service to them. Many many of the people that work with them are often repulsed by what they know of them...This results in half hearterd services and sad contact with them...You just keep on hugging and caring.. YOu know the old story about the Star Fish...Nuff said..LOL Marmie

  2. I'm so glad you're out there loving the hard to love.


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