Friday, June 3, 2011

I am a magpie..poo-poo-p-do

What exactly is a magpie?

"Given the opportunity the Magpie will always steal the shiny goodness."

This definition/explanation comes from the Urban Dictionary (don't bother taking a peek at the other definitions, numbers 6 and 7 will have you puking in your mouth...seriously).

(you looked it up didn't you...?)

(I'll wait while you rinse your mouth)

Googie and Trouble have begun furnishing their soon to be new home.

And ohhh my goodness, do they have awesome taste.

Everything I see, I want.

Ohhh the shiny, the brand spankin newness of it all.

Like a thief in the night I want to drop down their chimney and steal the picture off the wall from behind her bathroom door, it's a picture of a bird that calls to me.

I'm also jonesing for the lovely desk in her Africa room.

And her new couches, chairs, her tables (all of them)....

I WANT the blooming potted plant that rests contentedly on her kitchen window sill.. (I got one just like it and I deep sixed mine.. after I over/under watered it, under/over fed it and it failed to thrive)

I want to be Googie dammit...

or steal her blind.

My name is Beth and I am a magpie....

And also a mother..and man oh man, does my kid (and the kid she's marrying) have some kick ass good taste.... and I am proud as hell to say that I taught her everything she knows (okay, go rinse your mouth again).

Toodles for now... gotta fly run.

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