Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forward moving...

So now that I'm all done with Googie's shower life has made a return to normal. Yesterday was my first day back at work...

I hate the first day back to work after a vacation.

I get anxiety.

And secretly hope that everything went a little less smoothly during my absence...

is that an odd hope?

I hope not.

I'd don't think I'm alone in thinking like that.

We all want to be missed.

We all want to feel valuable and needed.

So everything went well while I was away...

Good (and dammit).

A coworker, who isn't in my department welcomed me back and told me that she overheard my loveables missing me.

Now that's more like it.. I couldn't help but think as she told me what she'd heard.

When the loveables came down for lunch and saw me in the small kitchen one of my favorites (ever) almost bowled me over with a hug...

He blushed and looked at all the other loveables looking at him.

Then he hugged me again.

It's good to be missed.



  1. I'm the same way. I secretly hope that the whole place fell apart in my absence. Glad you were missed by the ones who matter most!

  2. Dear PPB; I know how your "lovable" feels I miss you already..LOL Marmie


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