Thursday, June 23, 2011

(Almost) ready for take-off....

Today marks the last day of a very hectic work week...

So hectic in fact that I wrote something on my work calender (in code) that made me laugh every time I walked past (that is after I remembered what it was that the letters stood for).

CF, stood for cluster-flip (well, flip wasn't theeee exact word I was using, but I'm trying to class up this blog a bit by not cussing).

An example of a cluster-flip would be not making sure there was enough ice after your boss specifically asked you to make sure you stockpiled enough for all the events that were to take place at our agency over this past week.

(The only thing I stockpiled this week was a small mountain of fingernails in the pit of my aching stomach...)

I don't much like cluster-flips.

Yesterday was a bit of a cluster-flip at home too..

Bear blamed me for breaking his computer.

"WHAAAAT DID YOU DO!!!!????" he said in a nice calm voice when he called me at work.

"It was laying in a puddle of water" Bear cried (not literally) to Daddio on the phone when he called him after we suddenly got disconnected.

Such freakin bull-slap that kid spoke..... (all in an effort to garner sympathy from the man who thinks I spend entirely too much time playing around on the computer as it is... )

(That assumption sometimes really burns my chaps especially considering that Daddio likes to pluck his ge-tar nightly for as long as he sees fit.. he also likes to look at the insides of his eyelids for extended periods of time after work... or he spends a bit of his down time tooling about town on his bicycle, and I say nary a word in protest...)

so surely, I probably absentmindedly laid Bear's laptop in a puddle of liquid since I mostly just fool around on the computer when I'm home takin it easy..

But I didn't lay it in anything.

So speaking of cluster-flips and bull-slap it suddenly occurred to me that it's the 23rd of June...

And right before I was about to freak out (my favorite past time besides fiddling on the computer)..  my dear sweet departed grandpa popped into my head and clear as day I could hear him say...

"'s the twenty-turd a June... tr-ee mun-ts, only tr-ee munts (yes mun-ts) to go till Ju-bec (his nickname for Goog) gets hitched.

Which made me laugh out loud, much better than slappin my pants doncha think?

Enjoy this twenty-turd day a June.

It's a lovely mu-nt.


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