Saturday, June 18, 2011


Saturday Centus time, a themed writing meme. The challenge is to write 100 words to add to the prompt started by Jenny Matlock from off on my tangent.

The writing prompt is in (bold) itallics...

I run my fingers over his name and his status. 

Son, brother, father, and two dates. 

One birth, one death. 

Facts written within the stone .  

It doesn’t tell of his love of lemon things, his son, or me

 It doesn’t show his yellowish blond hair, his blue eyes, his wicked sense of humor. 

The stone seems to be the most touchable thing about him left, but wait, I can touch a raindrop, a sunset, a bird in flight. 

His soul continues all around me.  

Until that time we meet again.

Can’t wait.


  1. What a beautiful and tender piece this morning!

  2. Wow!! Extraordinary piece...puts me in that place and that mind space...Peace and blessings

  3. Terrific job describing the stone, brought tears to my eyes thinking of the epitaph on my parents marker.

  4. That is just beautiful!~Ames

  5. Oh, Koby,

    The tenderness of this piece speaks to my heart. You wrote down your feelings so eloquently and gently, it moved me to tears.
    Thank you.


    PS - I have a river stone that my late husband plucked out of the Ocmulgee when we were dating.

  6. Tender and bittersweet. The perfect take on the prompt.

  7. so nice and so sad. A stone we would rather not have in our lives.

  8. Sad and beautiful... hopeful even:-)

  9. This is so touching reading it today reminds me of the fact my father passed away this year and the same could be said of his final resting place
    Thank you for sharing

  10. This was just beautifully written. So heartfelt. Wonderful!!

  11. That was so beautiful. I'm covered in goosebumps.

  12. That was beautiful and sad and loving ... wonderful words.

  13. This was beautiful.

    Simple and moving.

    I sit here with tears in my eyes. You touched my heart.


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