Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beside peaceful streams....

Trouble, Googie and I sit sharing small talk waiting for a prep nurse to come and fetch Googie for the medical testing that brings us to the hospital.

I'm focusing all my energy on my daughter (and the crucifix hidden in the baggie that I clutch in my hand when I'm in dire need of moral support from our heavenly Father)...

I barely notice the smorgasbord of interesting people that litter the waiting room.

Somewhere I hear a familiar voice talking. I realize it belongs to the morning news anchor from Channel 2.

I wish to be home sipping coffee, 

shooing Daddio out the door to work,

in the car transporting a loveable or two to school,

doing anything other than sitting in a hospital waiting room counting the minutes until a stranger  comes to gather my child and put her to sleep with the intention of probing her tiny body

I fear a near slipping over the edge into a real live panic attack feeling.

I chuckle to myself when I think how dumb I would look chasing after my grown daughter...."wait, wait, WAIT.... just one more kiss".

Have faith, I think, squeezing the baggie in my hand.

My rational mind tells me that she'll be fine, she always is.

Across the room sit a man and a woman, the woman is reading a book and the man looks to be doing a bit of people watching.

I notice the woman's face start to frown and I can tell she is trying very hard not to cry.

Is she here for a sick child, a spouse, a neighbor?

The man sitting next to her notices too.

He comes around to the other side, he sits beside her and begins to comfort her.

As he speaks to her she nods her head up and down, her face looks worried and sad.

The man reaches out his hands and gently takes hers. 

The two of them bow their heads in what I think is prayer

It is beautiful to watch...and although I can't hear what he's saying, I am comforted just the same.

Whatever he said seems to be working....the woman's face lifted and I saw a small smile.

He returns to his seat.

She, to her book.

Soon a nurse comes and takes the woman back through the double doors, where they have the patients.

The man stays in the waiting room and resumes his people watching.

It doesn't take long before the woman is back and gathering her things.

"Nice to meet you" she says to the man patting his arm "thank you very much".

I would have bet money they were together.

Well, they were I guess.

A kindness to a stranger, a hug, a smile, a shared prayer.

Right when we ALL needed it most.

God is good.


  1. That is so precious! I love it.

  2. Lord Girl how you touch my heart....I love the way you write..I know I say this every time BUT Lord I love the way you write..YOur biggest fan...Your Mother...


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