Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An unwelcome visitor......

This was written in July....

This morning after waking Daddio, I grabbed the dog and went downstairs to pour dear hubby a cup o joe and let the pooch out to potty. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen I saw something out of the corner of my eye…something small and black.

I think we startled each other.

I screamed and it ran.

And then I ran.

Right up the stairs.

I burst through the closed bathroom door where I found Daddio using the toilet.

“There is a mouse in the house” I screamed “it ran in the downstairs bathroom”.

For the first time I could relate to Daddio’s mother who happens to be so afraid of mice that she will call him out at midnight if she thinks she may have seen/heard/imagined a mouse in her house.

I’m not sure if I object to it co-habituating with us because it’s a filthy little rat or because it’s sneaky and will scare the shit out of me when we happen upon each other.

It will probably be at night when we are both searching for food.

I can imagine it whizzing past me, seeking hidden shelter.

I’ll be so startled, my heart will pound and I’ll get all shaky legged from the adrenalin rush.

I can’t open Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits or play with a Jack in the Box for the same reason. I’ve been known (too many times) to yelp when my phone, placed on vibrate goes off during weekly staff meeting.

I can’t do startle.

“Please HURRY” I begged Daddio.

When he finally made it downstairs and into the other bathroom he spotted the critter.

“Grab a bowl” he instructed.

A bowl, A BOWL!? I had to do a quick inventory of my bowls trying to decide which one I could part with. Once it housed a mouse it would no longer be welcome in my cupboard.

Daddio got behind the door and quickly slammed it shut

I became momentarily paralyzed when, like a soon to be victim in a horror film, I noticed the enemy had an “out”.

There was a huge space under the bathroom door under which, when this creature decided to change its molecular structure and turn liquid, he would be able to escape from.

And he would, I was certain, be running toward ME!

I grabbed a big towel and slinked toward that gaping (1 inch) crawl space. I tossed the towel across the bottom of the door and was then able to take a breath.

Soon Daddio came out of the bathroom holding the bowl covered with the bathroom rug.

I was amazed at his Ninja skills…I didn’t think it would be that easy to catch a mouse.

Daddio, who can’t kill a fly took it outside and tossed over our favorite (not) neighbor’s fence.

I asked Daddio if he thought the mouse would find its way back “home” and take up residence with us again.

He thought no.

I then asked Daddio if mice run in packs? Travel in droves? Reproduce without a mate?

Later, while showering my exfoliating mitt fell off the shelf and grazed my bare ankle, I let out a blood curdling scream….. Jamie Lee Curtis/Janet Leigh style.

I am now officially one of those women…the ones who jump on a chair and scream for help when they see (or think they see/hear/imagine) a mouse in their house.

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  1. I'm sorry that happened to you, sister. We have been co-habitating with them for years. They are surprising, sneaking up on you like that when you least suspect it. Naughty. Reminds me of my kids. :0)


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