Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just whistle a happy tune....

I get feeling like I have a big pit in my stomach around this time of year...Today is October 17 and that means that today is the anniversary of my brother's death, the 21st anniversary :-( 

So much has happened in the last 21 years...very sad he had to miss it all. Although, some would say, he is livin it up up there and that we are the ones that are missin out.

I could feel myself starting to take a non productive jaunt over to Funkytown and thought that maybe I could dance a jig or whistle a happy tune, something, anything to postpone or avoid that trip altogether.

I suck at whistling and I pee my pants every time I cut a rug so I had to take a different route.

I started to laugh and my mood changed immediately when a funny memory came to mind....

My brother was such a pig (as in eat up all the food the second mom brought it into the house from the grocery store) that my sister and I thought we would fix him good.

We took out a huge pile of Oreo's from the bag and unscrewed them...we scraped off all the cream filling of two of them and replaced it with a dollop of horseradish, white, thick hot hot hot horseradish, stuck them back together and then placed them back into the bag.

We lay in wait (actually, we sat on the couch and tried to look nonchalant) for our victim. I could hardly contain myself ( when doing devious things, I have a giggle problem) anyway, the big clod came in and grabbed his 20 oz glass of milk and half the bag of cookies (oink) and sat down to watch tv....cookie after cookie he dipped and ate in one bite...I was salivating, just waiting for him to get to one of the stashed cookies.

Finally it happened...dip, gobble...GAG.....hahahahahhahahahahhhaahahh SPIT hhahahahahhaha

My fanny was in some hot water when Porky spit black all over our mother's carpeting.

My hysterics (and the stomach ache I got from laughing so hard) were totally worth it.

PS...John, if you have computers in Heaven (which knowing how techno savvy you always were, I am betting that you do) and are reading this..I miss ya, I love ya and I'm still not sorry about the Oreos..Till we meet again little bro.... xoxoxoxo Beth

 Mom, if you are wondering what was in that lil coffee pot just ask Susan...(it was all her idea)

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  1. I miss him, too. Can't wait to see him again. What a sweet picture. I recognize the wall!! That was a great trick to play on him. He deserved every little bit of discomfort he got. I was just happy to receive the alotted one (maybe 2 if the Food Burger Meister was feeling generous) oreo or coconut Chips Ahoy on Friday night! :0)


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