Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slippery (even) when (not) wet...

At least one night of our weekend I've dubbed "date-night".

Date night can be many things...but it's usually "kick the kids out, I want to eat, drink, be merry and watch some really foul mouthed comedians on TV."

(all those years of Daddio playing heavy metal music has his hearing a bit compromised so he/we normally listen to those filthy dirty cussin comedians on BLAST)

Date night can also include other things, which I won't go into graphic detail about since a kid or two of mine regularly reads this blog...

This past weekend's date night was but a mere memory (it was about 10pm Saturday night) when Googie called.

We started talking furniture.

Furniture for her and Trouble's new home.

Right away Googie expressed her disdain for leather furniture..." I hate it" she said "all you do is slip and slide all over it".

Thinking about the lovely brown leather couch in our basement and all the times I sat on it to watch television had me agreeing with her.

"Well" I said "you could always lay a blanket or an afghan on it first, that way you wouldn't slide off".

"Or, I guess you could be naked on it, you wouldn't shift around on it if you were naked"

"OhhhhMyGawd" Googie screamed "how do you know that!!??"

"Muuuuuther..how do know that? You talk like a woman with experience"

"OhhhMyGawd, you and dad didn't!!!!!?????"

Reading her mind, I knew she was picturing that brown leather couch in our basement, the one she and Trouble (try to) sit on many nights each week...

"OhhhMyGawd" Googie yelled into the phone "I gotta go".

Googie and Trouble have been spending lots of time at his house...where they have a regular couch.

While searching for a picture of a leather couch I stumbled upon this one...

Rendezvous Sofa

Sorry Googie, I just couldn't resist ;-)

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