Thursday, March 24, 2011

GET IN MY BELLY................

I know, yes deep in my heart I know, that everything happens for a reason...

For example....

I took a lot of pictures, enough pictures to wallpaper every studio apartment in New York of my children, when they were babies.

And people there WAS a reason for this...

I keep these adorable baby pictures out where I can see them and be reminded of the small people my now big people once were.

Pictures such as these are an insurance policy of sorts.

Bear: "Mom, I want to buy a truck"

Mom: "You can't afford the gas"

Bear: "A truck won't eat as much gas as The White Dragon"

Mom: "It will be worse, trust me"

Bear bought a truck.

Bear: "Mom, this truck really takes a lot of gas"

Mom: "Really?"

Bear: "I shouldn't have gotten a truck"

Bear: (looking serious) "Why didn't you or Dad warn me"

Mom: (an inaudible whisper) "Lord Jesus grant me strength and a good strong jaw"

Seeing as this kind of crap is EXACTLY why animals eat their young...

And exactly why my child should thank his lucky stars that all things happen for a reason...

"Smile kid" one day you're gonna be happy that mommy has all these pictures".


Have a delightful Thursday... xoxo

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  1. Dear Really Really Pretty Betsy Brown: Laughed at the blog.. Remember your brother and husband and all of the serious CAR deals they got into? I think times never change aND NEITHER DO PEOPLE. I chuckle at the way you put things. I love your words...And I love you!!!!Mom


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