Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A prisoner of sorts....

When I was a freshman in high school a kid named Moses White sat behind me in English class.

Besides the hour I spent as a Library Aide, English class was the only class I liked.

That is until Moses White decided to harass me.

He'd inch his chair up close to the back of mine.

And talk no louder than a whisper.

The crap he said to me makes my face redden, even now.

Filthy, sexually explicit shit.

At first I'd nervously giggle.

And move my chair forward.

Later when I would quietly complain to the teacher she'd say "just move up and don't listen to him".

One time when Moses was on good behavior (and I had momentarily forgiven him for talking so bad to me) he asked to see a bracelet that I wore.

It was a MIA- POW bracelet.

Which held the engraved name of a man who was missing in action or presumed to be a prisoner of war.

So I let Moses see my bracelet...

and then he wouldn't give it back.

This went on for about a week.

Then I told Daddio about it.

He had a little talk with Moses and got my bracelet back.

I didn't ever tell Daddio about the stuff Moses used to whisper to me....I'm pretty sure  Daddio would have kicked his ass but good.

I'm also pretty sure that (the young) Daddio would have asked me what I did to make him think he could talk to me like that...

The same question my English teacher asked.

Yesterday in my class one of the new (male) loveables said something (derogatory) to one of the new (female) loveables.

I jumped in his shit.

(But not as much as I should have)

And then I talked to the female loveable in the hall.

And we staff members wondered between us what she did to make him think he could talk to her that way.

And we told her to let it slide off her back.

And not to own it.

I was bothered all night thinking about how I let this girl down.

And how it wouldn't happen again, not on my watch, anyway.

I also thought about that creep Moses White...

And how much I'd love to stumble upon his rotten, no good ass, today.

Thank you for listening.


  1. wow, Koby, what a horrible experience. I am glad you are there to defend our children against more creeps like this. I do try to protect the girls in my class against this sort of thing, but I think I will ramp up my efforts after reading your story.

  2. Dear PPB: As a kid I had always seen something strong and brave about you. It seemed that it was not always visable to others. I knew you had it in you!!!! It is so heart warming to me to see that strong visable person making such a difference in these very dear kids lives. your "lovables" as you call them...We, all of us appreciate your comittment to them.....LOL Mom

  3. I read this blog the day it was posted and something you said really bothered me. I didn't have time to write (and I don't really have that much time now either) but it does bother me enough to etch out a few minutes of my time to reply. Twice in this post, there was a comment that the adults wondered what the girl had done to make the violator think he could get away with doing what he did. In most cases, the girl doesn't do anything! She is just a victim of prey to a psycho who happened to pick on her because she was female...and he is psychotic and needs counseling and some type of punishment and/or discipline. Why do we think that victims may have done something to allow this to happen? I have a friend who adopted two little girls (one at 9 months and one at 4 years). They were both sexually abused. Did either one of them ask for it? OF COURSE NOT! They just had sicko parents. Let's not pile on more guilt and embarassment to these girls who fall prey to sexual predators. They are victims here and let's help them to understand that. So, Koby, don't think it was anything you did...you were most likely one of many girls who was harassed by a guy who is probably now in prison on sexual charges.

  4. Yes Wendy, EXACTLY!!! Twice in this post...and that was my point.

    Neither of us did ANYTHING to allow or condone this treatment of us..yet still, some others had that thought. Sad, isn't it?


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