Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looks like Trouble has arrived....

Googie has dated Trouble for years... five now, I think.

My initial impression of him had me thinking one word "sweet".

Now here is a sweet guy.

I'm using the old fashioned "sweet" (by the way).. the wow, what a nice, good mannered person, kind of sweet.

I could also be using the current "sweet"... which is described as describing something "cool", which also fits Trouble.

As days became weeks and months became years and Trouble became a permanent fixture in my house and in my heart my opinion of him never changed much.

Oh, I liked (then loved) him more...but other than that, he still was "sweet".

When a couple of years ago Trouble accepted a position with AmeriCorps and was placed in my department at work, I worried.

How would this "sweet" guy get along with the most unlovable loveables...?

Just how would that work?

I figured they'd eat him alive.

Well, even the most unlovable loveables tolerate sweet...

and so Trouble made it out alive and no worse for the wear.

This May Googie's young man will be graduating from college...he'll be a music teacher.

During his Practicum , which he completed last year, Trouble was placed with elementary aged children, and aside from the 32 colds and flu viruses he contracted that semester, he loved it.

I figured that that is where he'd make his mark.

With the young ones, they love "sweet".

Now this semester, he's been student teaching a huge group of high schoolers.

The school where he's been placed has one of the nation's largest choirs.

The kid is positively in his glory.

And most days, while he comes in draggin butt, it's a happy butt he's draggin.

Trouble delights us with tales of his students.

Trouble scares the crap outta us with tales of his students.

How, I used to wonder, will Trouble fair being so sweet...?

Well, sweet certainly doesn't always equal meek...and so the other day when Trouble described breaking up a testosterone fueled fisticuff..I frankly was TOTALLY impressed.

And I was even more impressed later in the week when Googie told me that Trouble had had some trouble at school...

"He got mad mom" she said "real mad.  And he had to holler at the kids".

In the middle of his tirade he was able to read the lips of one of his students...

"ASSHOLE" she mouthed to her friend.

Trouble was never so proud as he recounted the event later.

He had an ear to ear grin as he talked about it.

I never had any doubt that Trouble was going to be anything less that a totally wonderful teacher.... I just figured he may have a hard way to go being so sweet and all... I never guessed that he'd turn into an asshole.

I'm proud of you looks like you've MADE it!!!


  1. Congratulations to Trouble! It sounds like he is going to make a wonderful teacher, and despite what our Governor thinks, it's the most important job in the world. Our daughter is a music teacher, and I worried about her too. She grew up in a very small town with very progressive school district. Her first teaching job is at a very small, low income charter school in a not very good part of Dallas. She has absolutely blossomed! Bravo to Trouble, it sounds like he has found his wings! Kat

  2. Trouble was a wrestler and learned to over come and be assertive when he has to. GOOD FOR HIM.

  3. Thanks of Googie's teacher's once quoted one of his favorites for her "when you love what you do, you won't "work" a day in your life"...sounds like your girl, and my Trouble are on to somethin.. :-)

  4. Joe...good call. I never would have made the connection. Thanks for reading and for your comment.


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