Friday, March 4, 2011

Preparing for take-off....

Trouble made an offer on a house yesterday.

Making it almost official (and also making it soooo totally gonna happen) that my little blue birdy will soon be flying the coop and beginning the process of making a nest of her own.

"Mom" she said last night "every time I talk to you lately you are somewhere else"

"You are expressionless."

"MOM!!!" Googie waves her hand up and down in front of my face "are you in there?" she asks.

I'm in here alright...

But Googie, I'm not in a good place right now...

I'm getting all involved with bad thoughts of being replaced...

Wait, weren't you already a bride...?

My rational mind tells me what a picture that hangs in my house says "the greatest gift one can give a child is roots and then wings"..

Another part of me that has an opinion says...

How bout we just keep working on those roots...?

Your wings are not done yet.

They are much too wimpy...

too droopy...

too frail.

Okay, no!

Truthfully, you are good to go...

you know it,

I know it,'s just a bit hard to face that reality sometimes.

I don't much like wallowing in Funkytown, and I am sure that all that frowning is counterproductive to my anti wrinkle campaign.

I... must.... force.... myself.... to.... think.... positive..... about Googie's timely departure.

She'll be taking her closet full of hoodies.

and....she'll be spraying her own bathroom door with this pink hair product.

Ohhh and one other thing...Googie's house is 4 minutes by car from my place.

My girl will be living only minutes away....

 Why, we'll practically be neighbors...

And seriously, it can't get much better than that.

And really when I think in terms of sitting at her (and Trouble's) kitchen table and shooting the bull...well I think I can and I WILL come to terms with that.

Googie, buy some tea.

Mama's on her way to visit.

Thank you ever so kindly for listening....


  1. I will start praying for BEAR!


  2. Hey Anonymous... you crack me the frick up...

    Yes..Bear will now need some extra prayers.

    He's all I got left (to maul, overmother, drive-to-drinkin)

  3. Dear MAMA's Girl: You made my heart hurt with this blog....I never thought of you and or your sister leaving because I knew that I had you forever, that you were MINE..I also wanted to get a life without children,anyone's children and then I got a big job taking care of thousands of children..Go Figure...I love the way you write...LOL Mom

  4. My girls are 13 and 15 - and I know one day they will be flying the coop - I am sure it will be here before I can count to 10... So I am counting real SLLLLOOOOOWWWWLLLLYYYY.

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation

  5. Kelly, it has to happen, you want it to happen, it should happen, but damn, it sure is bittersweet.

    Thanks for the comment. xoxo


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