Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh the places I sooooooo want to gooooo.....

When I was about 10 I had a “when I grow up list”.

I wanted to be an accomplished actress/singer. I wanted to write books. I planned to visit Egypt (with my Archeology club). Meet Elvis Presley and grow prize winning roses.

I also wanted to be a “C” cup.

Reach for the stars, I always say.

One out of five six ain’t too bad.

I now have what can be called a “Bucket List” of things that I want to do before I kick the bucket…not that I’m planning on doing that anytime soon and since 50 is the new 30 I'm figuring I do have lots of time yet to reach my goals.

I’ve always felt there was a Photographer inside me. He lives next door to the Painter.

A blogger that I frequently read suggests that if you want to be a good photographer you need to take pictures…lots of pictures. She suggests taking a picture a day and saving them. Soon, she says you will see progress and you should develop an “eye”.

Okay…so I started a new blog.

It’s called A Picture a Day....(please stop by)

I’m also working on a similar goal of a painting (or drawing) a day.

Day one


  1. ok. Super cute, but needs some honing. I agree with the blogger who says that many pics need to be taken to develop an eye. This is always my mental it good enough...composed correctly, with just the right amount of everything.....Many times it prevents me from taking pictures, even though it runs in the family. As far as the bucket list goes, I am wondering why a charter member of the hen has no clue about what is on this bucket list. Bring it on. xoxoxox

  2. Very Post Modernist. I'm doing the photo 365, too. Although I'm already failing.

  3. Hey girls thanks for the compliments on my "drawing" (teee-heee).

    Keep trying Jessi...


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