Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Could it be...

…… Satan?????

There are things in our world and even more specifically our lives that reek of pure evil. We don’t have to ask could it be Satan. We already know.

Webster’s Dictionary explains to us that in Christianity, the devil (Satan) is of course the enemy of God, the lord of evil, and the tempter of human beings.

I am certain Satan has wormed his way into my house.

As Christians we’re taught Satan’s a crafty fellow who if allowed, will infiltrate (and possibly take over) your life.

So aside from having moments of acting “Satan like” (while suffering spells of perimenopausal irritation)…I’ve also looked Beelzebub right in the ugly mug.

And this is the vessel ....this right here is Satan

This little devil magnifies your imperfections 10 times.


Satan whispers into your ear..."Look at that hair on your chin, it has to be a foot long. And that 2x2 crater holding that black crap on the side of your nose...ewwwww"

"Pluck it"

"Pick it"

"Pick it"


Weak obedience.

The mischief maker's work is done here.

Where else will he turn up?

In a pretty dish in my fridge.

This sin goes by the name of Cinabon

One bite I tell myself, just one little bite.

Okay, half, just eat half.

Well, if you stop before you lick the plate......

All the while Beelze cheers me on.....

"10,000 calories, 549 grams of fat, (its gotta be a typo....)"

"Its so gooey and delicious, eat girl, eat".

Once again, the weak obeys.

I suffer a stomach ache. And a headache. And a general feeling of all over shit. Cinnamon is poison for my colitis.

Anybody know a good exorcist?

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