Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awwwww....it was nothin.

I have this freakish character flaw that has to do with gratitude.

I like to be appreciated. I mean, I REALLY like to feel appreciated.

I cleaned my kid's room last night. Mostly because I knew she was sick and tired and that she likes to be in a clean room. She normally does a heavy cleaning every week, but this past week has left her with barely enough time to catch an appropriate amount of zzzz's. Which is probably why she is sick in the first place.

She started a new semester at school, started a new job, started a new internship and is currently working on three separate shows...whewwww, it's making me tired just typing these few details of her past week.

I went to bed before she came home last night so I didn't get the big bear hug and sweet peck on my cheek that she would usually hand me when I delight her with a love slave gift of this proportion (that room was a sty*...not to mention the huge pile of snotty tissues littering the floor, the bed,  and the dresser that I disposed of).

This morning next to my coffee pot was a note from my girl....

12 whole "Thank you's" !!!!!!


She gets me......she REALLY gets me.

*It wasn't really all that bad...I tend to like to exaggerate a bit on occasion. :-)


  1. Wow. Let me tell you I am SO looking forward to the day my kids thank me so nicely for doing things for them!

  2. It seems like a long time coming...but wow when it does there is not much sweeter.


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