Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss Agnes turns the big 1-00

I've written before about my Golden Girls, the old ladies whose hair I fix on Fridays.

It's a pretty poorly paying gig...but hey, some body's gotta do it.

It is a labor of love as old ladies are one of my passions...

yep, I love me some old dolls, almost as much as I love perfume and teenagers.

In a mind such as mine ideas flow in

and ideas flow out..

sometimes all within a second or so of each other.

In a mind, such as mine, ideas that linger often take on a life of their own and become so big. so intricately complicated that they almost make me feel like my head is going to explode.

Or spontaneously combust.

Or maybe just short circuit and shoot sparks.

I get consumed with the orchestrating and the imagined implementation of my idea.

My plan grows more grandiose by the minute.

And then. the same thing that happens all time, happens.

I think to myself (and sometimes say out loud) why in the holiest of hells (I know, I know, odd word choice, artistic rights and all that jazz) didn't you think of that earlier...???



why didn't you think of that earlier ???

Why didn't you give yourself more time to do whatever it is that you wanted to do?


(dumn azz)

Because now, there is nooooo way that your plan can ever work.

I hate that my mind and my over active imagination sets me up for failure.

Well maybe if I wasn't so negative, so incredibly pessimistic about my plans chance of success...?


what if I threw that plan out to the universe and the universe helped me along...?

what if..

what if

what if I did that...?

Well, I'm going to toss that thought out there and just share my plan with the universe (and you).

One of my Old Dolls, Miss Agnes, is turning 100 on February 22.


So "with it" is she that she dials and talks on a cell phone to her son who lives in Texas.

And she asks me every single week "so hows the kids?"

She remembers that Bear is in college, and that Googie and Trouble just married. She remembers that Mrs. Buttercup's mother is sick and she remembers to tell me that she remembered to say a prayer for her and for the rest of the family as well.

When Daddio got laid off Miss Agnes told me all about her (and her husband's) survival of the Great Depression, her experience told me that survival was an option.

When I just couldn't bear to let Googie spread her wings and fly off to her own nest she agreed with me that it is hard to let a daughter grow up and move on.

She told me how good going away to college would be for Bear.

How worldly he would become, but also, that he would not ever forget where his roots were.

She also tells me that she never experienced hot flashes, and so I must not be eating enough prunes or spinach leaves...

The other day when I realized that Miss Agnes' birthday was just around the corner I started thinking about how much I liked her and how fascinated (and lucky) I was that I had a bff that was a freakin century old.

She and I have talked about a birthday treat and she requested a chocolate/chocolate cupcake with purple flowers on it...

that is easy enough to do.

But I wanted to do something to make her really know how special she is to me...

She has pretty much all the worldly goods a 100 year old person could desire...

a comfy lazy boy, a lap blanket, a filled candy dish, a leg excersiser and a remote control

and she has a loving, devoted family.

She loves to read and she loves to open mail and so while swishing around ideas in my head my brain swirl happened upon the brilliant idea of gathering (AT LEAST) 100 birthday greetings for Miss Agnes.

(of course, I never gave it much thought that I may be having to stand outside the grocery store and the bank and ask total strangers to sign a card, a note, something (ANYTHING) for my 100 year old friend)

Stupid me...

So hey, could you help a brother out here and send me an email greeting wishing the delightful (and beloved) Miss Agnes a "HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY.."

Could you send it to me at bethkoby(at)gmail(dot)com?

Would you do that for me please?

If you would (be so kind and generous with your time and your typing fingers)....

I promise to...

1. Copy what you wrote on a nice sheet of paper (maybe even some colored stuff).
2. Hand deliver it to her.
3. And, never, ever put your email address on a list to receive my annual Christmas Letter or sell it to one of those online pharmaceutical companies that sell Viagra for dirt cheap.
4. I swear, my word is good.

Happy Valentines Day...


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  1. Ask and you shall receive!

    How very sweet of you to do this for your wonderfully sweet "Doll" :)

    Your heart is infinite in it's capacity to love.


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