Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fat finger flub......

* NOTE: I attempted to change the title of this post after realizing that it may be offensive to some... I would love to blame it on my poor upbringing, but my upbringing was not in any way I guess I'll just say it had something to do with my fat fingers and call it a day (and stop obsessing over it...and chanting the Serenity Prayer, my co-workers are beginning to "talk").

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about sending a hastily (read hysterically) written email to my supervisor(s) (and his/their supervisor and his/their supervisor's supervisor).

I wrote that in a moment of who the hell cares I hit the send button and off it went.

This morning I decided to search (again) for a long ago friend, I found her a year ago (thanks Google) and even though I didn't extend a howdy do der to her at that time, I thought long and hard about it.

Shortly after my initial finding of my long lost friend Kimi I learned that this old friend had a connection with a supervisor where I work.

(Yes, this supervisor was one of the supervisors hit with the pop across the noggin email that I sent the day I lost my mind)

Not that that matters one bit, just thought it was a tidbit to add (or a random bit of crap that flashed in my head and needed to be let out, aka an ADD side step moment).

Soooo this morning, whilst I was sitting taking a, ummmm, nevermind... I decided to look my friend up again.

She was just as easy to find as the first time I looked, this time, I copied her email address and pasted it to my email.

I was going to write when I had time and could really say what I wanted to say.

I'd planned to send the address to me.

Award yourself 500 points if you guess what happened next..

, like a middle aged, fat fingered button pusher I punched a few buttons and suddenly realized that I'd put her email address into the addressee spot and included the message "Kimi's email address" intended for me, for easy access the day I sent my well thought out email... all that was wonderful, until I realized that I'd instead sent it to her.





It was incredibly embarrassing sending a follow up email attempting to explain my middle aged fat fingered button pusher-ness "issue" and a bunch of other things thought up during another ADD side stepping moment.

I sincerely hope she takes it for what its worth.

And doesn't forward it to the cops.

In my life nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

Wkun? kwim?

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