Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On choosing well...

I write a lot about Daddio and all his "unique" ways.

I poke fun at the way he pisses and moans about every aspect of his clothing, how it fits, the wrongness of the coloring, the way the tags taunt his delicate skin.

I make cracks about his odd eating habits...

Like not eating meat that is too meaty and how he wants to become a vegetarian..even though the only veggies he likes are corn and peas.

Yes sir'ree bob, that man provides me with lots of fodder for my blog.

And personal tickles for my funny bone.

All that silliness aside, Daddio is a good father, a damn good father.

In all ways that a man should be a daddy, Daddio fits the bill.

Yesterday Googie called me from her cell phone "mom" she said "my tire blew out and I'm stuck on the side of the freeway"...

Googie was in a work van, which has emergency roadside service... she followed the directions for getting help and was patiently waiting.

I called Daddio to fill him in on Googie's plight.

"Your kid is stuck with a flat tire on the side of the expressway" I said.

"A masked madman has your daughter. She's being held by knife point on the side of the road in the bowels of Detroit, she is alone, scared, and she just ate her last Rice Krispie Treat!!!!!!!!!!!!! " was what Daddio must have heard...

It couldn't have been more than five seconds later that my cell phone rang again...

"Mom...." Googie said." dad is here".

We both told Daddio that a tow truck and a very capable driver was on their way to rescue our fair damsel from her distress...

Obviously... that designated person was not good enough, and Super Daddio came to her rescue.

Like a mom friend of mine said "when a princess is in trouble no one moves faster than her daddy".

Today I have a very sore shoulder muscle...

( I spent all last night patting myself on the back)

"Boy oh boy did you choose a good man to make kids with" I said to myself over and over and over again!!

poo-poo-pee-dooodly-dooo (and all that jazz)

Happy Tuesday...


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  1. reading this post has me singing(in my best Salt-N-Pepa/En Vogue voice) "Whatta man whatta man whatta man whatta a mighty good man..." :)


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