Thursday, May 19, 2011

A good ending to a rather horrible day...

Boy oh boy life sure has a way of getting in the way of writing a blog.

Marmie (my mum) called yesterday to ask if I may have fallen off the face of the earth.

(of course, she breathed a sigh of relief when I answered)

"Where have you been?" she asked "you're not writing your blog"...

I was flattered she noticed.

Yesterday Googie had a second endoscopy exam. This time the doctor used a longer scope in order to get wayyy down deep to take some biopsy(s).

Unfortunately for all of us, but especially for Goog the scope turned out to be too short to complete the mission.

And that means another one will need to be done, possibly at the University of Michigan hospital where I understand they have really, really long scopes.

Googie was put into a twilight sleep for the procedure.

I've written before about how silly Googie is when she's hopped up on sleepy gas.

This time none of us were laughing as she could barely open her eyes and she was struggling to breathe.

"You aren't going to send her home until she is much better right" I said to the nurse.

I run for back-up assistance in placing a band aid over an insect bite... don't send me home with a kid struggling to breath...

No, we're staying with the experts until she got back to something resembling normal.

At one point during her recovery tears puddled, then rolled down the sides of her face.

Then she started laughing and asking about hemorrhoids

(I guess those paper thin curtains in the recovery room don't allow for much privacy as she was obviously listening in to the conversation going on "next door")...

Poor Googie suffered a severe sore throat from the procedure,  all she could do was suck on chopped ice, shed a few tears and try to sleep.

Life was pretty sucky yesterday.

And to make matters worse (sorry Trouble) I'd agreed to drive Googie to see a choir concert.

Choir concerts don't do much for me...

I'd much rather spend an hour in an ice bath.

This concert was Trouble's last hurrah, he's been student teaching this group for several months.

Almost immediately I could tell that this concert was going to be different...the kids were dressed in long gowns and tuxedos.

Trouble had scored us some wonderful (comped) seats,  just before the risers, feet room aplenty.

When Goog and I sat down someone around us had the most delicious perfume on.

I put my nose in the air and sniffed for all I was worth...heavenly, was how that woman (man?) smelled.

Like a dog, I kept tilting my nose upward, sniffing deeply.

I almost had Googie convinced to start asking the women around us what they were wearing, then the concert started.

The professional orchestra played a beautiful piece while the teen students harmonized and solo-ed right into the audience's heart.

I knew Trouble was working with one of the best choir directors in the state...

But I never expected to find myself knocking on Heaven's door... between that perfume wafting through the air, my extended legs and those angelic voices.. I seriously thought that at any moment I could be greeted by, and escorted through the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter.

WOW... simply awesome.

This school's choir director does something special for the senior students and their parents.

The parents are asked to come up on stage, they are seated with their children standing behind them.

"Get your tissues ready" a student says over the microphone.

"I see trees of green......and red roses too" the kids begin to sing A capella

"I see em bloom....for me and for you"

"And I think to myself....what a wonderful world".....

The parents reached behind their seats and took their children's hands, the kids bent forward and hugged their parents...

and all of us cried.

Blubbered may be a better description.

I'm not a public cryer... but I had absolutely no control over the tears that spilled down my cheeks.

It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

On the way out of the concert Googie turned to me and in her raspy little voice whispered "Mom, Trouble has sooo got to steal that idea".

Running to the car dodging puddles of rain with my best girl (upright and breathing just fine) next to me... brought one thought...ooooh yeah, what a wonderful, wonderful world.


  1. Dear Dear PPB: That's my girl. Thank you for the blog....Missed you !!!! I can see all of you with tears running down your faces....Yep...That's the picture you just painted....With your words....I do so enjoy your posts....LOL Mum

  2. I sooo appreciate you coming to the concert! It means a lot to me, and the fact that you actually liked a choir concert means a lot too! Hopefully there are many, many more choir concerts in your future!


  3. YES!!! Thank you. You (your blog)are my coffee companion. Although I do understand when life gets in the way, I do so miss your blogging very much!! :0)


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