Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love heightens (only some of) the senses.....

As mothers we see our children as the most beautiful, the most talented, and the most wonderful.

I think God made it that way so that we become the mothers that he designed us to be.

You’ve heard the expression “a face only a mother could love.”

This phenomenon becomes acutely clear when you are introduced by a very proud mother to her newborn child.

She pulls back the receiving blanket and reveals a cherub that looks just like Uncle Fester.

“WOW” you quickly say…"now that’s a baby”.

You hope your startled look didn’t give away your true feelings.

The same holds true with our four legged children.

We are blinded by our love.

We suffer from anosmia.

“That dog smells like crap” the kids tell me.

“I don’t smell a thing” I say, nuzzling my pooch’s mane.

My sister, is a very good aunt, who loves my kids. She even once told our mother that my newborn oldest son had heart shaped nostrils. (He truly does, but Grandma thought Auntie was so blinded by love she was seeing things in hearts.)

She also loves my dogs. She scoops them up and lets them lick her hand. She always comments on their nice personalities and their round brown eyes….

I have some super cute Halloween pictures of my beautiful pups that I want to show her.....

“Now that’s a couple of dogs” she is certain to say.

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  1. Spoken as the other sister, not so much the dog lover, I just say, "Wow". I wonder how Harley would react. :0)


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