Saturday, November 14, 2009


Twenty two years ago right this very minute an angel came down to earth to live in my house. She has brightened and blessed my every single day since....

Dear Blue Sky…

When I prayed to God for the perfect daughter, I asked that she be beautiful on the outside, with eyes the color of cornflowers, and a smile that could light up any room, and I asked Him to add the most infectious laugh to go with that smile.

I asked Him to make her even more beautiful on the inside.

I asked that she always be kind and gentle and have a place in her heart for those less fortunate.

That she be tolerant and accepting of those who are different.

That she be the kind of person who never hesitates or is afraid to speak her mind or live her convictions.

That she be tireless in her quest for knowledge and allowed to delight in her every discovery.

I prayed that God would make her friendly and likeable and easy to talk to, and give her the gift of compassion and understanding, and also give her a steel determination in all places and times when she needs strength of character.

I prayed that she would be a leader, with vision and clarity.

That he give her a deep faith and a wicked sense of humor, and make her a loyal and true friend.

I asked that she have a determination to succeed and preserver in everything she does.

I hoped God would give her the voice of an angel and a small stubborn streak…with all these things in place one would have the most perfect of daughters, priceless beyond measure.

You sweet Julienne are living proof that God answers prayers.

She colored this for me a few months ago while at work at the church nursery.

With eyes the color of cornflowers. And chocolate frosting on her nose.

My beautiful birthday girl.....Happy birthday, love of my life!!

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  1. What a fitting tribute!!! Exactly my thoughts and more. How is it possible that it has been that long since you were born? Just yesterday I was walking you around the kitchen during one particularly difficult teething time as you were crying your fool head off nonstop for 2 hours. I see that the old ladies in the grocery are right. Time does fly. I love you JuBeck. Have a great day.


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