Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Counting to 49 1/2.................

Oh to be 3 again when I thought the whole world belonged to me.

It might be okay to be 10 again, but then I’d be too young for make-up and high heels.

When I was 10, I complained to my best friend Joyce, “I’m sad” I told her, “because I am now double digits old”.

(My aversion to aging started early…this quote could sum it up “When I turned two I was really anxious, because I’d doubled my age in a year. I thought, if this keeps up, by the time I’m five I’ll be 64.”)

If I were 15 again Daddio would’ve just come back into my life and asked me to “go with him”. (Translation: Going steady, exclusives, going out).

Being 17 was pretty good. I gained some independence with a driver’s license. I earned my hairdresser license and I graduated from high school.

And I love the number 17.

I didn’t like being 20, it was double 10.

I loved being 22. I threatened Daddio to shit or get off the pot as far as deciding to marry me. He decided that he didn’t want to get off the pot, so I guess you could say he took the shit. Or he fell in a pile. Or, whatever.

And then I was an engaged woman.

I loved being 23. I said “I do”….

And it appears that I made a good choice.

23-25 was a lot of fun…. Married lady…sans kids.

Tons of fun those early/mid 20’s.

26 was my favorite age…. You see, the moon was in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligned with Mars then peace guided the planets and love steered the stars…and I became a mother for the first time.

A beautiful flash of power and might.

Poetry in motion.

And, The Sweet Prince Buttercup was in the house.

28 was my favorite age….. You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day, Lord knows you make me high when you turn your love my way, a bundle of pink arrived to brighten my days.

And brought with her, a forever and for always blue sky.

I didn’t like 30 at all…. It was triple 10.

Although, it did have one delightful highlight, Daddio and I took a spontaneous and restful (?) weekend trip to Chicago.

And we brought home an awesome souvenir (see 31 below).

31 was my favorite age….. I'll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be….and then there were three.

And this mother was complete…and so very in love with this new beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

He’s my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boyyyyyyyy.

31-40 Pretty much a blur. Three kids…need I explain any further?

I hated 40. It was quadruple 10.

I did have a most wonderful surprise party, that almost made turning 40 worth it.

Around 39 1/2 or so….. (It just makes sense somehow to start going backwards)

I moved for only the second time in my life…and while I mourned the home of my youth, I was so excited to have a new house.

I was told I was still hot (wink)…( okay, I’ll admit the truth about my “hotness” using a quote from my friend coco’s siggy line on our moms site “I’m still hot, just now it comes in flashes”).

I got paid to write.

I changed “careers” and found what I believe to be my true calling.

I’ve heard that in your 40’s you throw caution to the wind and to prove it….

I rode my bike “no handed” for the first time ever.

It is also rumored that you lose your “self consciousness” about that time too.

This is a total falsehood…. I lost my balance and almost fell when I imagined that I saw all my neighbors standing, watching me wobble, no handed, on my old lady bike.

I can now drive to the corner store and not get lost…. (I know most everybody on the street so asking for directions is no longer that big of an embarrassment).

I started a blog.

And, a good diet (which really never worked all that well as I hate to deny myself anything, but hey, I tried).

Still 39 ½ and holding did suck really bad in that my hair started thinning and my family’s curse, the detested “jowls” appeared suddenly and totally uninvited on the sides of my previously unencumbered jaw line.

And sometimes my knees hurt really badly when I climb stairs.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough I've start adding new things to my list of things to worry about.

Like why in the heck did Simon pick Ellen DeGeneres to be a judge on American Idol? And why oh why didn’t I eat more carrots? If I had, I may not need reading glasses today. And is it Ctrl C and then Ctrl V to cut and paste? Or is it Ctrl V and then Ctrl C to cut and paste? I wonder why they have a V in there anyway when neither cut nor paste start with “V”?????

Some of the great mysteries of the universe.

Looking back on all the happy ages I‘ve been, I’m thinking about changing my thought process, and possibly even facing I guess.

50, may be…..

and could be….

more than just a number that is 5 x’s 10 ????

I will (today) start looking very forward to the next 50 years of my life. Who knows, maybe the next 50 will be just as magical as the first.

My new life quote…. “I want to die young, of old age”.

Thanks for listening. I know it was looooooooong. Consider it the ranting(s) of a middle aged woman who appreciates that you cared enough to read.

I'm off, wish me well.......


  1. make me proud to be your daughter. I've had an amazing role model for the almost 22 years I've known you. I hope that in 28 years I can reflect on my 50 and find the same elements that make up yours! You're the best momma in the entire universe! I love you.

  2. Quote from Aubry Gross: "I wish I was as cool as she is. I love her....especially in that sweet nancy 3 year old pic!" I replied that I did to...even if it is 5x10. I love every minute, jowl and quickly disappearing hair. It seems that these do not a very special woman make, but other intangible things like character traits.... giving, loving, quippy, quick to laugh, quick to contribute to the many more too numerous to list. I'm happy to be here to celebrate you. Happy Birthday, Doe. Have a great day. And year. And next 50 years. :0)


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